Client Meetings & Stakeholder Workshops


Custom design

Starting Price

3,745 Euro

Have a great interactive stakeholder workshop or a client meeting with up to 30 participants. Almost like in real life, deliver the kickoff in a large auditorium in a stunning setting of your choice. Hold design sprints, brainstorming sessions, weekly reviews, monthly updates, client onboarding, and other meetings. By creating a new reality, optimized for teamwork and collaboration, everyone benefits!


Efficient & collaborative

VR & 3D spaces are much more interactive than holding your conversation over Zoom or Teams. Also, easily accessible via a web link. You can invite your clients, partners and team members from all around the world to discuss what's most important for you and your business. Impress your prospects by showing them how innovative you are. Let us know the set up that you have in mind and the branding style, and we will turn your dream into (virtual) reality.