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Welcome to Evenness de:centralized series!

Join us for our de:centralized series of events hosted in a metaverse to learn about Frontier Technology applications, the Web 3.0 & Blockchain trends, metaverse interoperability & sustainability, VR-proof infrastructure, inclusion & accessibility in product design, ethical standards, virtual fashion, cybersecurity, crypto economy, and other inspiring topics.

[9 FEBRUARY 2023]
"Web 3 Wellbeing & Mindfulness"

Jose Ferrer Costa.png

Jose Ferrer Costa

 XR Medical & Healthcare Clinical Project Leader // Educators in VR

Chee Pui Khei.jpg

Chee Pui Khei

Mental Health Biomedical Engineer // Mental Health Engineering DAO Creator

Eli Strzelecka

Eli Strzelecka

Founder // Conspicuis 

Matej Gyárfáš.jpg

Matej Gyárfáš

Founder & Partner // BETTER Virtual Architecture

Daniela C. Merlano.png

Daniela C. Merlano

Positive Psychologist

Community Partners:

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2022 EVENTS:

[April 21 // International Creativity & Innovation Day]
"Creating the Metaverse"

raulvin coke.jpg

Raulvin Coke

CEO // Future Wise

shea richburg.jpg

Shea Richburg

Executive Producer // Metaverse-ology

aisha sheikh.jpg

Aisha Sheikh

Director UX & Design // Magnopus

debbie botha.jpg

Debbie Botha

Global Chief Partnerships Officer // Women in AI


Eve Logunova-Parker

Founder & CEO // Evenness

[April 26 // World IP Day]
"The Principles of a Fair & Trustworthy Economy"


Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

CEO // Softhread


Renée Cummings

Instructor & Data Activist // University of Virginia


Radhika Iyengar

Founding Partner // StarChain Ventures


Dr. Cara Antoine

Managing Director // IG&H


Ramona Parker

Co-founder & CINO // Evenness

[May 10 // Digital Security]
"Secure Digital Assets & Content Management"

paul vm.jpg


Vijender Merugu

Field CISO // Halborn

Sandy Carter.jpg

Sandy Carter

Senior Vice President

& Channel Chief // Unstoppable Domains


Anoop Nannra

Chair //

Ronin X Foundation


Co-founder & COO // VegaX

Nova Lorraine photo.jpg

Nova Lorraine

Founder & Creative Director // RAINE Magazine

[May 19 // Global Accessibility Awareness Day]
"Inclusive & Accessible Design"

Jutta Treviranus.png

Jutta Treviranus

Professor, Director, Inclusive Design Institute, OCAD University


Val Jones

Chief Technology

Officer // Storyfile

elizabeth adams.jpg

Elizabeth Adams

Affiliate Fellow // Stanford University HAI

marion mulder.jpg

Marion Mulder

Digital Strategist &

Gender-free Tech Expert

Kelly Vero Evenness.jpg

Kelly Vero

Chair at Aequaland // 

Expert in Residence

- Gamification at Women of Wearables

[June 2 // DeFi & Tokenomics]
"The Crypto Economy & Decentralized Finance"

Jacob Boersma.jpg

Jacob Boersma

Co-host, Cryptocast podcast on BNR Nieuwsradio // Co-founder of WBNoDE

Dr Martin Hiesboeck.jpg

Dr Martin Hiesboeck

Head of Blockchain & Crypto Research // Uphold

tavonia evans.png

Tavonia Evans

Founder // Guapcoin


Elchin Bayramov

DeFi CFO // Swapp & HubioID

marc taverner.jpg

Marc Taverner

Executive Director //


[June 16 // Frontier Technology for Good]
"Immersive Technology, Cultural Data & AI Ethics for SDGs"

Angle Bush.png

Angle Bush

Founder and CEO // Black Women in AI

Tammy Maggs.png

Tammy Maggs

CEO and Co-founder // MetaClub LLC

Gabriel Fidalgo.png

Gabriel Fidalgo

Senior 3D Artist //


Kristina Podnar.png

Kristina Podnar

Executive Lead at MRC // Global Digital Policy Advisor at XRSI

Diego Torres.png

Diego Torres

Founder // Jada Ai

[June 23 // SME & Entrepreneurship Day]
"The Next Frontier: Startups & Innovation"

Mona Shaikh.png

Mona Shaikh

Stand-up comedian //

President & CEO

Minority Reportz

Karen Alexander XR Women.png

Karen Alexander

Immersive Learning Consultant at MetaVRse // Co-founder XR Women


Aline d'Ambricourt

Chief of Metaverse & Founder // GEM XR

helene g.png

Hélène Guillaume Pabis

Founder & CEO // WILD.AI

bhuva subram.png

Bhuva Subram

Founder at Wallet Max // Chief Ethics & Culture Officer at Women in AI

[July 12 // Digital Fashion Day]
"Why is virtual fashion a thing now?"

in partnership with The Immersive Kind & Maison DAO

natalie trevonne wedding dress.png

Natalie Trevonne

Fashion Accessibility Consultant and Marketing & Outreach at Blind Institute of Technology

Talia Zoref.png

Talia Zoref

Fashion and lifestyle Artist and Illustrator 

Giovanna GiGi Casimiro.png

Dr. Giovanna

Graziosi Casimiro

Community & Events Producer // Decentraland


Kadine James

Metaverse Strategist at Accenture // Founder & CEO at The Immersive Kind

Karla A Cossio.jpg

Karla A. Cossío

Actress & influencer //

Co-founder of Lexxa, an art collective based in Oaxaca, Mexico


David Robustelli

Founder & Creative Director // Capitola.Social

Amber Jae Slotten_The Fabricant.png

Amber Jae Slooten

Co-founder & Creative Director // The Fabricant

July 12 Virtual Fashion.jpg

Damara Inglês

Designer of Metaverse Experiences & Virtual Fashion // Winner of the Kering Awards 2019

[July 19 // Space Exploration Day]
"Rocket with the Fletchers: Mission to Mars"

in partnership with BSI

Denelise lEcluse.jpg

Denelise l'Ecluse

Managing Director Continental Europe // BSI

Myron Fletcher.png

Myron Fletcher

Engineering Manager,

the Space Launch System for NASA // Boeing


Tiera Fletcher

Aerospace Engineer,

the Space Launch System for NASA // Boeing

[July 26 // Celebrating Communities]
"The Power of DAO"

in partnership with Rocket Inc. , #web3wizard & Digital Storytellers Inc.

Renee Davis.jpg

Renee Davis

Steward of Decentralized Work at talentDAO // Governance Solution Engineer at BanklessDAO

Leila Hurstel.png

Leila Hurstel

Founder //


NFT Club & DAO


Xander Simms

Creative Technologist & Founder //

Digital Storytellers

Simon M.jpg

Simon Mikolajczyk

Founder //


Tyler Penning.jpg

Tyler Penning

Founder of RE-ORG: Rise of the DAO // COO of the DAOSTRONAUT // Global thought leader on DAOs  #web3wizard

Tabb Resistance DAO.jpg


Founder //

Resistance DAO

[September 13 // Global Cleanup Day]
"Metaverse & Sustainability"

Irina Karagyaur.png

Irina Karagyaur

Head Ambassador for

Western Europe // Polkadot

Eric Eisaman Virbela Evenness.png

Eric Eisaman

Consulting Software Engineer // VirBELA

Eric Hansel.jpg

Eric Hansel

Founder // The Scubaverse & ESG DAO

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant.png

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Co-founder // Educators in VR

maya frost.jfif

Maya Frost

Founder & Lead Strategist // Switch Strategies

[September 28 // Universal Access to Information Day]
"Creator-Ready Infrastructure"

in partnership with AI & CC Creative Community and magiq

Teresa Melvin Evenness AvaRamona.png

Teresa Melvin

NFT Artist & Founder // AvaRamona™

Nitin Kumar.jpg

Nitin Kumar

Co-founder of zbyte // BoA,  Metaverse Fashion Council

Seth P.png

Seth 👾🤖🍄⚡️

Founder // 


𝖠I ϟ 𝖢𝖢 Creative Community

Vasudha Badri-Paul.jpg

Vasudha Badri-Paul

Head of Global Marketing & Sales //  Connectr 

Alessandra Sala Evenness.jpg

Alessandra Sala

Sr. Director of AI and Data Science // Shutterstock 

Lamar Eitow BBA Evenness.jpg

Lamar Eitow

Founder // Borderless Blockchain Alliance

[October 7 // World Space Week]
"How to build a Metaverse - IDEAS"

in partnership with:

qualcomm evenness.png
exclusible logo.png
exclusible logo.png
Hugo Penazzo.jfif

Hugo Penazzo

Metaverse Business Developer // Exclusible

exclusible logo.png
Juan Castillo

Juan Castillo

Marketing Director // DNAVERSE

exclusible logo.png

Xander Simms

Founder // magiqu & Digital Storytellers Inc

exclusible logo.png
Z Gaelyn-Leval

Z Gaelyn-Levai

Inclusion Advisor at Queendom // VRARA Co-Chair

exclusible logo.png
Gaby Slezak Evenness speaker.jpg

Gaby K. Slezák

Founder // UNYTED

exclusible logo.png

Eve Logunova-Parker

Founder // Evenness & InnoCityX

exclusible logo.png
Daniël van der Waals Evenness YOM.jpg

Daniël van der Waals

Co-founder // YOM & Metaverse Explorers

exclusible logo.png
Mike Charalambous

Mike Charalambous

CEO // Threedium

[October 18 // Bridging the talent gap]
"Frontier Technology & the Future of Work"

Jennifer Rogers.jpg

Jennifer Rogers

Executive Officer, Learning Technology Standards Committee // IEEE

Giselle Mota.png

Giselle Mota

Creator // NFTY Collective 

Heena Jethwa.png

Heena Jethwa

Leadership and Transformation Coach // former Digital Workplace Leader at IBM

Imari Oliver.png

Imari Oliver

Founder & CEO // Bond & Play

[November 10 // World Science Day for Peace and Development]
"Metaverse as a platform for Music"

Justine Jade.png

Justine Jade

Director, Soul Spark Mgmt // Producer, Singer, Actress,  // PR & Partnerships at TulumCoinDAO

Sami Tauber.png

Sami Tauber

Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer // VNCCII

Kim Bingham.jpg

Kim Bingham

Singer, Musician, NFT Researcher // Founder of Mostrodarte

Brayden Pierce Evenness.jpg

Brayden Pierce

Founder & CEO // Soundromedia