Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Up to 150 people

Starting Price

5,550 Euro

Use 3D/VR environments to drive empathy, awareness and inclusion in your organization. The very nature of immersive reality allows everyone to "come as they are" by creating an avatar of their choice. Also, to experience firsthand the perspective of others. It also ensures a standardized delivery coupled with a personalized experience. Where the engagement is gamified and the learning curve can be easily measured.  As an outcome, you will be able to improve emotional intelligence and create the culture of respect and belonging on your teams.


Thinking big?

Deliver a lecture before hundreds of people from all over the world. Organize a specialized training, such as a cross-country educational workshop for Healthcare professionals or a gamified Diversity & Inclusion session. Open your own virtual campus so your students could improve their learning curve and interact with each other.  

A culture of respect & belonging

A blended learning approach is an effective organizational culture strategy.  By granting access via one web link, 3D & VR allows you to connect many stakeholders from various locations. You can host interactive workshops on how to identify bias and improve appreciation for each otherSimulate challenging situations to let your participants experience them from the perspective of multiple people. Reinforce an inclusive and empathetic organizational culture by delivering a training on unconscious bias. You can also practice making decisions in real time, and rehearse difficult conversations (eg. manage performance reviews, deliver breaking bad news,  or run one on one confidential discussions to elaborate on a specific case).