Our Services

We empower business professionals & event organizers to run a wide variety of 3D & VR events like conventions, trade shows, job fairs, virtual meetings, workshops, and trainings. You can even have your very own 3D office space that doesn't require investing into clunky VR headsets.

3D Planning & Concept

We make your event a success in 3D and VR from finding the perfect platform to setting it up & branding, and designing the human-centred experience flow.

Customisation & Design

  • Space branding & decoration

  • Product placement & 3D marketing

  • 360 degree experience

  • Customized Expo booth & meeting areas

  • Tailor-made onboarding guides

Setup & Configuration

  • Setup of 3D/VR spaces (web-based or app-based)

  • 3rd-party integration (eg. ticketing, social media, etc.)

  • GDPR compliance & privacy

  • User management & User journey

Full event support

  • Onboarding & technical support

  • Concierge services & chatbot creation

  • Speaker assistance & training

  • Booking service: VR DJs, facilitators, trainers

  • Videography & photography

  • Event documentation & Analytics

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