Risk Mitigation & Crisis Exercises


Up to 100 people

Starting Price

6,645 Euro

Identify capability gaps and stress-test your organizational resilience in 3D or VR! Be it a crisis management training, a risk gap analysis, a table-top exercise or a cyber threat simulation, our virtual spaces allow you to engage with your team, partners, vendors and other stakeholders across time and space. With the power of immersive technology, participants can join interactive experiences from across the globe. Your crisis simulations and other risk identification and mitigation activities will be organized in a safe, privacy-proof and engaging environment, as all of our other events and excercises.


'Be ready before the storm'

We can design virtual executive board rooms, Emergency Operations Centers, hospitals, quests, or other spaces to correspond to your current needs for disaster response. From identifying to preventing and controlling crisis situations. Let us know how you would like to improve your resilience, preparedness, and risk mitigation with a bespoke 3D/VR experience!