Something Absolutely Different


Starting Price

Custom design

6,745 Euro

Zoom-fatigue? Hold your next team meeting in a soothing environment, such as a flowery garden, a tropical beach or a rooftop with a view over your favorite skyline. To minimize the risk of computer vision syndrome, you can add some gamification and organize your next team meeting around a campfire. Or take your colleagues for a session of meditation surrounded by palm trees. Or invite them for a walk across green meadows while discussing important topics.


C'est Magique!

With the power of 3D & VR, now you can organize your unique events with ensuring that people feel safe. Juggle the joyous liberation of festivals in a “pandemic-proof” way. Reconnect with your community by organizing gamified, quest-inspired meet-ups. Take your team on a virtual tour around the world or on a space discovery mission à la "Star Wars". There are no limits to imagination in 3D & VR!