Virtual Galleries & Art Spaces


Up to 1000 people

Starting Price

5,850 Euro

As the global lockdown progresses, cultural institutions remain closed to the public. Taking online your art fair, auction, gallery exhibition or the whole museum becomes a solution. Evenness helps you to plan and set up your exhibition in 3D/VR and make it accessible 24/7. From cultural heritage 3D virtual learning tours to AI & Robotic immersive art experiences. Easily create exhibitions or sell artworks at a virtual auction. Activate the sensory qualities of visual images by adding luminance and motion. Add 3D objects, such as sculptures, or even develop new creative forms of art. Measure the success of your event and your guests' perception and response to art.


Interactive art experience

After buying a ticket to your virtual art space, your visitors will receive a web link that allows them to access the environment on mobile, desktop, or a laptop. You can even enable an Augmented Reality viewer mode. Also, embed exhibitions on your website where a simulated experience will stay realistic, even without a VR headset.


Contact us to explore permanent & temporary online art exhibitions, cultural heritage & collections, museums & historic houses, galleries & art spaces, AI & Robotic art installations, exhibitions & performances, immersive Google Arts & Culture Lab experiences, and many other engaging ways to present your art.