The “future” of work and learning is not looming in the distance, but a reality of the here and now. Experience our immersive learning platform to improve engagement of your learners & enhance their collaboration.

Empowering education & upskilling

In 3D immersive learning spaces and virtual classrooms, learners and trainers, or students and faculty members attend as avatars. Immersive social learning in a web environment or with a VR headset drives higher participation and motivation for the participants. Trainers and professors can share their web screen and webcam, and work with almost any learning material. For example, PDFs, video, their favorite web tools or 3D models. As such, you can create a true learning experience to keep your audience captivated and engaged.

Deliver a lecture before hundreds of people from all over the world. Organize a specialized training, such as a cross-country educational workshop for Healthcare professionals, Safety Training, or a Partner onboarding for your Cloud business. Open your own virtual University campus or a Learning & Development Hub for your employees to develop a continuous learning culture and foster informal, peer-to-peer learning.


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