Why 3D & VR?

Immersive environment provides you and your staff with lifelike experiences for remote work, learning & development, recruiting, onboarding, and teambuilding.  

A More Inclusive Remote Culture

Identity is a personal thing. Therefore, immersive workplace environments where one can appear as an avatar according to their feeling & liking, become a supportive factor for building an accepting and high-performance remote culture. Also, virtual world provides HR and D&I leaders an opportunity to organize interactive 360 degree corporate simulations and training workshops for increasing empathy and allyship, diminishing bias, and modeling the inclusive behavior.

Reducing Costs Through Sustainability & Technology

Immersive environments offer new ways to connect people online while reducing costs and carbon footprints. There is no need anymore for renting event halls or travelling across miles. A 3D/VR technology makes it easier to prepare and organize any event, whether it is a small workshop or a large town hall. Also, replicate any reality of your choice, such as a tropical paradise, vibrant city life or even a Mars settlement.​

Continuous Learning & Development

As a result of the pandemic, the majority of learning around the world in 2020 was carried out by video lectures and virtual classrooms. This trend is to be advanced in 2021 with immersive 3D/VR environments becoming widespread. As such, enabling businesses, schools and educational institutions to achieve the closest to in-person learning setup & ensure continuity of learning for their remote workforce. No need to reduce class size or repeat the same session.

Multi-user Collaboration & Fun

One thing that web based video lectures and panels can not recreate is the sense of presence. Experiencing fun moments like dancing, solving challenges or quests together in a virtual space that feels almost as being there. Attending a beach party, playing soccer or driving a boat after a conference, a townhall or a workshop. Or suddenly running into a colleague or a business partner while logging in from home.

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