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InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 1 // Generative AI & Stable Diffusion

Learn about Generative AI and Stable Diffusion, and gain access to Qualcomm AI Research insights and tools.


In Module 1 of our InnoHUB program, we delved into the fascinating world of Generative AI & Stable Diffusion. The session was expertly presented by Noor Fathima Khanum, a prominent AI researcher at Qualcomm. During this module, participants not only gained knowledge but also acquired practical skills. This module offered a deep dive into the intricate realm of AI and provided attendees with essential insights and hands-on experience as well as access to Qualcomm's tools and technologies.  

Module 1 Instructor:    

⭐ Noor Fathima Khanum M.G, Research Engineer at Qualcomm AI Research. Her interests broadly lie in Deep Generative Models and Data Compression. At Qualcomm, she works on generative modelling techniques for speech and vision related applications. She received her Master’s degree in  machine learning and signal processing from University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2020.   

Here is the presentation that Noor Fathima used in her session:  

To access tools, visit the Qualcomm gallery in our InnoHUB metaverse space:  


ABOUT InnoHUB: InnoHUB: GenAI+ (October 3rd - 18th, 2023) is organized by Evenness and Women in AI, powered by Qualcomm, and supported by tech communities, such as Mia - Mission impact academy, Women In DeepTech Tech, Furt'her, Women in Tech®Netherlands, and AI Planet. It offers a unique blend of knowledge for fast prototyping, covering Generative AI, Stable Diffusion, NLP, AI ethics, Sustainable and Accessible Design principles, Building Web Apps & dApps.

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