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InnoHUB GenAI+ 2023

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 1 // Generative AI & Stable Diffusion

Learn about Generative AI and Stable Diffusion, and gain access to Qualcomm AI Research insights and tools.

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 2 // Environmental, Social & Governance Impact

Learn the ESG principles and apply them to your own digital solutions - Engage, Enable, Empower!

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 3 (Part 1) // AI Ethics & NLP Explained

Learn how to mitigate bias in your AI algorithms and build your AI solutions in an ethical and efficient way.

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 3 (Part 2) // AI Ethics & NLP Explained

Practice makes Perfect! Open that dataset and learn by doing. Let's put your skills to the test ;)

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 4 // Accessible & Sustainable UX/UI

Learn about accessible and sustainable design that grabs attention and is considerate of every user's needs.

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 5 (Part 1) // Rapid Prototyping: Building Web Apps

Learn how to build Web Apps for Web2 and Web3 in an easy and quick way!

InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 5 (Part 2) // Rapid Prototyping: Building dApps

Learn how to build Decentralized Apps (dApps) in an easy and quick way!

InnoHUB: GenAI+ is an immersive learning bootcamp hosted in the metaverse. It offers a unique blend of knowledge for fast prototyping, covering Generative AI, Stable Diffusion, NLP, AI ethics, Sustainable and Accessible Design principles, Building Web Apps & dApps.


In 2023, it was organized by Evenness between October 3rd and October 18th in partnership with Women in AI, powered by Qualcomm, and supported by tech communities, such as Mia - Mission impact academy, Women In DeepTech Tech, Furt'her, Women in Tech®Netherlands, and AI Planet.


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Unleashing the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone.

AI Assistants & Non-performing Characters

Digital Twins

AI Recommender Systems

Real-time Data Analytics

Personalized Dashboards

GDPR-proof Data Collection & Analytics

Generative AI

Deep Learning & Machine Learning

Web3 Strategy & Web Development

Extended Reality

Metaverse & Immersive Experiences


3D Assets & Fashion

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

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