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InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 3 (Part 1) // AI Ethics & NLP Explained

Learn how to mitigate bias in your AI algorithms and build your AI solutions in an ethical and efficient way.


Unlock 'Ethical AI & NLP' with InnoHUB & Hannah Claus, Google DeepMind Scholar, Women in AI member, and an AI Advisor at Evenness! It is not only a thought-provoking session but a practical one, where you'll be able to run various alterations of the code, with Hannah skillfully guiding you in your experiments.  

Here you can find the resources that Hannah Claus used in her session:  

1) Presentation 

2) Data analysis dataset

3) Network dataset  


ABOUT InnoHUB: InnoHUB: GenAI+ (October 3rd - 18th) is organized by Evenness and Women in AI, powered by Qualcomm, and supported by tech communities, such as Mia - Mission impact academy, Women In DeepTech Tech, Furt'her, Women in Tech®Netherlands, and AI Planet. It offers a unique blend of knowledge for fast prototyping, covering Generative AI, Stable Diffusion, NLP, AI ethics, Sustainable and Accessible Design principles, Building Web Apps & dApps.

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