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InnoHUB GenAI+ // Module 4 // Accessible & Sustainable UX/UI

Learn about accessible and sustainable design that grabs attention and is considerate of every user's needs.


In this Module 4, titled 'Accessible & Sustainable UX/UI,' our expert speakers will guide you through critical aspects of design, ensuring your digital products and metaverse spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also considerate of every user's needs.  

Module 4 Instructors:  

💚 Thomas Southall (he/him), UX/UI Lead, Sustainable & Accessible Design at Evenness who previously worked on various important projects, such as for Stonewall Democratic Club.  

💚 Chey Mayer (they/them), Product Manager, Accessibility & Sustainability at Evenness who brings a wealth of experience acquired from globally renowned organizations such as Apple, Textron Systems, and Marqeta.  

Here you can find the presentation that Thomas Southall & Chey Mayer used in their session:  

🌐 At Evenness (, we're committed to making technology accessible to everyone. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just dipping your toes into UX/UI, this session is for YOU! We'll dive deep into the world of accessible design, inclusivity, and user experience, sharing insights that will help you create digital solutions & metaverse spaces that truly leave no one behind.  WATCH 


ABOUT InnoHUB: InnoHUB: GenAI+ (October 3rd - 18th, 2023) is organized by Evenness and Women in AI, powered by Qualcomm, and supported by tech communities, such as Mia - Mission impact academy, Women In DeepTech Tech, Furt'her, Women in Tech®Netherlands, and AI Planet. It offers a unique blend of knowledge for fast prototyping, covering Generative AI, Stable Diffusion, NLP, AI ethics, Sustainable and Accessible Design principles, Building Web Apps & dApps.

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