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We are Evenness, a B2B turnkey solutions provider for your interactive events, remote workforce collaboration, client/partner meetings, and virtual training in a VR/3D environment. We create 3D experiences for your team's remote learning & working via web, mobile and VR. 

Our Team

All-female, innovation-driven, and tech-savvy.

Founder, Partner & Managing Director

Eve has 15+ years of professional experience in growth & innovation, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), employer branding, marketing, community building, events management, and strategic communications. Recognized by Silicon Canals as one of the 11 AI leaders from Amsterdam to watch in 2021, she is also an entrepreneur, an active contributor to the Dutch national D&I & Innovation agenda, and the Women in AI Netherlands Ambassador.

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Partner & Head of XR

Since 2007, Gaby is at the forefront of innovation enabling collaboration in 3D/VR virtual worlds and immersive learning spaces. Before she became one of Europe's renowned Remote Work and XR experts, she has pioneered the New Media landscape in Germany when the Web was still in its infancy and worked as a Coach and Soft Skills trainer. Gaby also acts as VR Ambassador for Women in AI.

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3D/VR Project Manager

Starting her career in the US as a chef and later advancing it to the Le Cordon Bleu-certified Restaurant Manager, during the recent years Ramona has made a transition to the Tech scene. Now, she is an Agile Project Manager who is passionate about human interaction in virtual worlds, coding in Python, and creating exciting experiences in 3D & VR for clients. Ramona is a lifelong activist for human rights, racial equality, and inclusive work culture.

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Business Development Manager Global Markets

With more than a decade of experience in senior risk management and tech strategy functions, Inga brings knowledge of training and excel code design and delivery, business development and client success. With values of cultural diversity, equal opportunities and business impact, she has lived and worked in London, NYC, Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, and Amsterdam.

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We enable organizations and people across the planet to establish human connections and work together no matter the distance or time zone.


Sustainable innovation

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Inclusive & accessible by design


To create inclusive, engaging & immersive virtual spaces for your communities in which craftsmanship and virtue meet innovative technology.

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