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Client Projects

Inspiring, Enabling and Empowering Our Clients and Their Stakeholders

We take pride in organizing client projects within metaverse environments, leveraging the power of AI, Digital Twins & Web3 to inspire, enable, and empower our clients and their stakeholders. Through immersive experiences, we create a platform where participants can engage with cutting-edge technologies and explore innovative solutions. 

By harnessing the capabilities of AI, we enhance interactions, facilitate knowledge sharing, and foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Our goal is to create transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact, enabling our clients to unlock new possibilities and drive meaningful change in their industries.

Category: Accessible Metaverse and Immersive Experiences // Product Showcasing & Testing Years: 2020 - 2023

​Web3 | Generative AI | Metaverse

WAI HUB // Women in AI & Qualcomm // November 2022

On November 2, 2022, Women in AI (WAI) in partnership with Qualcomm organized an inspiring event to launch its virtual collaboration hub for the Women in AI community & partners - The WAI Hub. Developed by Evenness, The WAI Hub will serve as a central space for the WAI global community's get-togethers; where people from across the globe could come as avatars to discuss, experiment, co-create and test various AI solutions. 

Avatar Assistant & Metaverse Environment // Philips // November 2020

The demo environment we developed for Philips served multiple purposes. It not only provided capabilities for external events and internal meetings but also demonstrated the functionalities of non-performing characters and intelligent assistants, powered by Conversational AI. 

Banner, Evenness de:centralized series'22

Evenness de:centralized series'22 

Our de:centralized series, comprising 15 flagship events, took place within a metaverse, offering a platform for inquisitive individuals to gather and explore a wide range of topics. Participants had the opportunity to learn about applications of Frontier Technology, Web 3.0 and Blockchain trends, metaverse interoperability and sustainability, VR-proof infrastructure, inclusion and accessibility in product design, ethical standards, virtual fashion, cybersecurity, crypto economy, and other captivating subjects.

de:centralized series // Unstoppable Domains // May 2022

This use case highlights the keynote delivered by Sandy Carter, SVP & Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, Chairman of the Board for Girls in Tech, Inc., member of the Diversity Community at the World Economic Forum, and founder of Unstoppable Women of Web3. Sandy Carter, recognized as one of the TOP10 most powerful women in Tech by CNN, presented the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, discussed the crucial elements of the shared creator economy, and emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Immersive Bootcamp, "InnoHUB" // Municipality of Amsterdam // June 2021

InnoHUB, hosted in 2021 in partnership with 10 community organizations, was the inaugural immersive learning and acceleration program focused on Open Innovation, Emerging Technology, and Agile Thinking, catering to individuals from diverse backgrounds and countries. The first edition was conducted virtually from the Netherlands and garnered registrations from over 150 participants.

Exhibition "AI & ART" // AI&CC and MAGIQU // September 2022

⭐️Carlos Paboudjian (AI x Human Anatomy) ⭐️ Teresa Melvin (AvaRamona) ⭐️Elsa Bleda (Awakening) ⭐️Big Al Gruswitz (Portraits of Homelessness) ⭐️Chelsea Kinley (AI x ESCAPISM) ⭐️Xander Simms (Thrive Off Of No + other) ⭐️Maya Frost (Water Women) ⭐️ Vero Lyn Esque 👾🎬🎭💃 🎨 👾🎬🎭💃 🎨 (AI x Wonder Woman) ⭐️Marco Morales (Festival of Me)
⭐️Margarida Barreto (Ghana) ⭐️Seth 👾🤖🍄⚡️(Darkest Night 003) ⭐️Rebekah Jenks (Fairytales of Lost Time)
⭐️Matej Gyárfáš ᴮᴱᵀᵀᴱᴿ (Therapy Room no.8) ⭐️Guido Callegari🎮🎸🚗🛸 (Kintsugi x AI x Marble) ⭐️Rashani Weerakoon (If Alexander McQueen designs) ⭐️Eve Logunova-Parker (FR33_CTION)

Gallery RESPECT by Evenness: Graham Ulkins (Local News Live) interviews Eve Logunova-Parker, Evenness & Tiera Fletcher, Boeing 

"The "RESPECT" project is a free virtual museum in the metaverse, featuring inspiring people of color throughout history. We speak with project founder Eve Logunova-Parker, and rocket scientist Tiera Fletcher, who's featured in the gallery."

Event "The Power of DAO" // Rocket Inc. // November 2022

Responding to a request from Rocket Inc., a decentralization-focused digital marketing partner, Evenness constructed a space within a metaverse and curated a gathering of influential speakers, experts, and respected DAOists to activate their DAO community.

Event "Web3 Gala & The Launch of Circle of Trust" // SAP, Shutterstock, TAKK, TheBenMeadows // March 2023

The recent Web3 Gala and the Launch of Circle of Trust event organized by Evenness brought together some of the most inspiring speakers in business and the Web3 & Emerging Tech tech industry who shared their insights on the future of Tech. 

Event, "Why is Virtual Fashion a Thing Now?" // July 2022 // Decentraland, The Fabricant, Beyond, The Immersive Kind 

✨Talia Zoref, Fashion and lifestyle Artist and Illustrator // Talia Zoref Art ✨Amber Jae Slooten, Co-founder & Creative Director // The Fabricant ✨Kadine James, Metaverse Strategist at Accenture // Founder & CEO at The Immersive Kind ✨Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro, Community & Events Producer // Decentraland ✨David Robustelli, Founder & #Creative Director // Beyond ✨Natalie Trevonne, Fashion Accessibility Consultant // Marketing & Outreach at Blind Institute of Technology // Creator of the NFT "Wedding Dress" ✨Damara Inglês, Designer of XR Experiences & Virtual Fashion // Winner of the Kering Awards 2019

Podcast, "Circle of Trust: Leverage the power of Web3 to build the future" // 2023 - ongoing

Welcome to the groundbreaking live podcast by Evenness, "Circle of Trust: Leverage the power of Web3 to build the future." Hosted by Heena Jethwa & Ned Shoaei in a metaverse environment, this podcast series is designed for senior leaders who are searching for ways to equip themselves and their business with the tools and knowledge to remain competitive and disrupt their industry. By signing up to our podcast, you will be able to learn from the leading Web3 experts and your C-level peers as well as unlock the latest trends in Web3 & Emerging technologies, inspiring use cases and thought leadership.

Virtual Office in a Metaverse & Event // Paravision // February 2022

Explore our Gallery RESPECT and step into the immersive office space of Paravision, a groundbreaking face recognition technology provider and our esteemed client. The Women in AI Intelligence Awards North America 2022 ceremony featured a video tour by Paravision and Evenness, showcasing the Gallery RESPECT and Paravision's immersive office designed by Evenness to meet their HR & Recruitment requirements.  their HR & Recruitment requirements.

EShell Alumni Network powered by Evenness
BSI and Boeing event, Mission to Mars, powered by Evenness
Women in Tech events in a metaverse, powered by Evenness
Qualcomm's Office in a metaverse, powered by Evenness

& Many Other Exciting Projects

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Unleashing the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone.


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Unleashing the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone.

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