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Business Meets Entertainment: OTHERWORLD's Immersive Bar Experience.

From clunky headsets and simple simulations, VR has evolved to become a tool that is used in many different areas of our lives, from entertainment and education to business and beyond. In recent years, the use of VR has exploded, with more and more companies and organizations exploring its potential to enhance their operations and improve customer experiences.

Today, VR is not just for gamers and tech enthusiasts; it is being adopted by businesses, schools, and even bars and arcades. One example of the expansion of VR in clubs is OTHERWORLD.

At OTHERWORLD, The Dream Corporation has invented a world-first 4D technology Luxury Resort that combines heat, wind, and rumble, along with top-of-the-range VR hardware called "The Immersion Pod." This enables visitors to not only see and hear, but also feel the virtual environments they are exploring.

Individual Immersion Pods transport the traveler and their friends to a parallel universe called the Otherworld, which is a virtual reality theme park that hosts a wide selection of the market's best virtual reality games and experiences. And that's not all; OTHERWORLD also contains a bar with some of the finest up-and-coming drinks brands out there.

"It doesn't matter if you've tried a VR headset before: we have everything ranging from VR experiences for beginners, to multiplayer VR shooters.

Our Immersion Pod™ Technology features Wind, Heat & Rumble so you body will feel everything as your mind explores."


Visitor’s actions in the metaverse have consequences. Check in for travel using their DreamPort and the OTHERWORLD app, and they'll win and lose DreamCoin for virtual successes and failures. But when they come back to the real world, the DreamCoin could be used for drinks discounts on the bar!

Scattered throughout OTHERWORLD, visitors will find portals leading to sixteen unforgettable VR experiences. It's like having a virtual reality theme park at their fingertips! Each experience has been handpicked by their team to allow users to explore the impossible and dive into new realms of adventure.

The experiences range from surviving a zombie apocalypse deep in the desert, to soaring around the globe, living a solitary life on the open seas, or swinging from tree to tree to discover the secrets of the ancients.

You can find more about them and how you can book a visit here.

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