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Evenness announces senior leadership changes to launch the new phase of its strategic growth

Amsterdam, December 29, 2021 -- Evenness, a global provider of Extended Reality (XR) solutions, announces today changes in its senior leadership team to implement and accelerate the execution of its new strategic plan, Vision 2030. The new strategic direction is built on the 2021 growth and business results, and is strongly aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

Since its official launch in January 2021, Evenness has been steadily growing and implementing various XR solutions for its clients and community. Our 2021 results, ongoing research, and the executed initiatives have shown the extensive benefits of the webXR, AR & VR technologies. In particular, through the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the rise of decentralized workforce. Now, we're starting a pivot to sharpen our strategic focus - to support people and businesses in becoming future-ready - and develop new innovative products,” said Eve Logunova-Parker, Founder & Managing Director at Evenness.

Senior leadership changes

  • Gaby K. Slezak, Head of XR & Partner, has left the company to join one of the strategic XR platform partners of Evenness - metameet (formerly known as Fruss AG). During her tenure at Evenness, Gaby was responsible for building and managing the portfolio of XR partners and played a principal role in the establishment and development of the business to further position Evenness as best in its class. In her new role at metameet, she will continue to support Evenness growth and will be involved in the joint Evenness & metameet projects.

Working together with Eve on launching Evenness as one of the first companies helping you enter the Metaverse way before it went mainstream, was the most exciting and rewarding time. I am proud of our achievements in educating people and creating the shift to a new and more efficient way for remote collaboration, socialization, and learning. I look forward to many joint projects to come through Evenness and metameet value-based partnership,” said Gaby K. Slezak.

"I would like to warmly thank Gaby for the outstanding job she has done, in particular helping us lay the foundation to Evenness’ future growth. I wish her the best in her new role and I look forward to continuing working with her and metameet on creating new XR concepts and solutions,” - said Logunova-Parker.

  • Ramona M. Parker, 3D & XR Projects Lead at Evenness, is appointed as Chief Innovation Officer effective immediately. She succeeds Gaby K. Slezak as Head of XR and in addition, takes over the overall “Innovation at Scale” strategy, including Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Tokenization. In her new role, Parker will lead innovation strategies for Evenness' growing client portfolio, innovation solutions developed internally, as well as the incubation of ideas and products in support of the Vision 2030 plan.

Innovation helps businesses and people to not only gain a competitive edge in the market but also become resilient and future-proof. Evenness’ growth forward includes the development of innovative products and solutions for a more efficient collaboration at work, upskilling of people, and socialization of communities. During the past 3 months our team has been experimenting with Blockchain, NFTs, Tokenization, and Smart Contracts in addition to XR. I’m looking forward to building out our “Innovation at Scale” integrated offerings for many businesses and people to benefit from,said Parker.

In her previous role, Ramona has proven herself as a dedicated leader who has a sharp understanding of both technology and innovations," said Eve Logunova-Parker. "I am thrilled that she has agreed to come on board as our first Chief Innovation Officer and support Evenness in achieving its Vision 2030 through applied innovation.

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About Evenness

Evenness is a global provider of Extended Reality solutions for interactive events, remote team collaboration, virtual learning, and upskilling. We are platform-agnostic, working with the selected webXR & VR platform providers to create an ideal, inclusive and accessible solutions for business and people's needs. Our mission is to enable organizations and people across the planet to establish human connections and work together no matter the distance or time zone. Learn more: Evenness


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