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Inside the Molecule: Nanome's Virtual Reality Tool Redefines Chemistry Education

Nanome is a biotech company that uses VR to accelerate drug discovery and improve collaboration among scientists. Nanome is a collaborative virtual reality tool for molecular design. Teachers and students can naturally interact with any molecular structure in an immersive virtual environment. Analyze the 3D arrangement of molecules while inside a protein binding pocket and easily measure the distance between atoms directly in 3D space by pointing at atoms with your hands. Even quickly change the representation and color of a structure’s atoms, backbone, or surface.

Industry-grade features built for drug discovery teams means your classroom is equipped with the most advanced molecular design software ever built for virtual reality.

An academic utilizing Nanome's VR technology to oversee the control of molecular design.

Another way in which Nanome is using VR is to support remote collaboration and communication among scientists. With Nanome, researchers can work together in a shared virtual space, even if they are located in different parts of the world. This allows them to discuss and manipulate molecular structures in real-time, which can help to improve the speed and efficiency of the drug discovery process.

A chemistry expert and a life sciences researcher convene virtually through the Nanome VR platform from separate locations to cooperatively work on a molecule they are jointly creating in real-time.

Nanome’s technology can create various ways for students and academics to level up their knowledge, being this:

  • Educating: Elevate student participation, knowledge retention, and understanding by utilizing cooperative chemical design software in Virtual Reality. Nanome's sophisticated drug development software is not only used by experts in the field, but also by educators globally in the classroom setting. With Nanome, imparting chemical concepts becomes more tangible and captivating, opening doors to a novel approach to teaching chemistry.

  • Student point of view: Experience the practical side of chemistry you have always yearned for with Nanome's virtual reality software. No longer limited to a 2D screen or drawing, you can now physically reach out and grasp the chemistry structure with your own hands. Work together with peers from any corner of the world and discover a completely novel perspective of chemistry that you have never seen before.

  • Researcher point of view: Transform your lab with Nanome's cutting-edge drug design software. Seamlessly integrate Nanome into your scientific processes and collaborate with peers worldwide. Employed by leading pharmaceutical companies, Nanome can be the key ingredient in your next scientific breakthrough.

Overall, Nanome's use of VR technology is helping to transform the way that scientists approach drug discovery and molecular design. By providing a more intuitive and efficient way to explore and manipulate complex molecular structures, as well as improving collaboration and communication among scientists, VR is helping to accelerate the development of new and more effective therapies for a range of diseases.

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