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Congratulations with the International Day of Women & Girls in Science/STEM!

Today, on the International Women’s and Girl’s Day in Science/STEM, we celebrate every female innovator who dares to take the next step in their career by taking on an innovative challenge. In this blog post, we would like to share with you the stories of 3 women, rising talent in STEM - Emma Ke, Madison Kim, and Talia Boehm.

"Evenness strives to support young talent, helping college undergraduate students develop their professional aptitude, strengthen personal character, and provide a greater door to hands-on opportunities," - says Ramona M. Parker, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Evenness. "After all, our goal at Evenness is to share our knowledge on XR and the Metaverse and enable people for the remote and immersive future of work."

As an all-female, innovation-driven, and tech-savvy team, Evenness has recruited three undergraduate college students to join the company, all having different backgrounds and experiences to contribute something further to the organization.

"We wanted to work with these women because of their knowledge and skills, and passion, so they could help us grow our business and bring our vision for the future to life," - says Eve Logunova-Parker, Founder & CEO at Evenness.

Emma Ke, Madison Kim, and Talia Boehm have joined the team as of December 2021. Two months into being invited to the team, the undergraduate students have applied much of the skills they already know as well as learned new skills related to the Metaverse industry (such as utilizing features in the VR/Metaverse platforms) and emerging technology as a whole. Emma, Madison, and Talia share their experiences of working with Evenness thus far.


Emma is a second-year student at UCLA. She is the team’s MarComms & Growth Hacking Lead, specializing in the communications, marketing, and brand visibility for the company. She uses techniques such as search engine optimization and performance marketing to increase engagement across social media platforms.

Emma says, “I was a little nervous joining the team since I did not have any experience with using the Metaverse, Virtual Reality, etc. At the time, I would not have been able to tell you what any of the terms meant. However, being at Evenness, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone to learn more about this industry, which has now become one of my interests. Learning about the emerging technology trends and how Evenness plans to adapt them into creating tangible, helpful solutions has been intriguing and I am honored to be a part of this process. From conducting online research about these technological facets to implementing growth hacking and marketing strategies to improve Evenness’ engagement across multiple platforms has taught me a lot. Not only have I gained more general knowledge about this field, but I have also been able to enhance my technical skills, such as search engine optimization, social media, and performance marketing. I am thankful for Eve and the rest of the Evenness team for welcoming me and allowing me to take this next step to challenge myself with these new concepts. Seeing the digital solutions that the team has put together using webXR technology has been truly inspiring.”


Madison is a third-year student at Georgia Tech. She is the User Experience Designer for Evenness, creating Web 3.0 website designs and wireframes from scratch. She uses her passion for UI/UX to create various designs across multiple platforms, and by doing so, she creates a seamless user experience and increases the engagement on the website.

Madison says, “Working with Evenness makes me realize that maybe, the biggest skill of the future is really being willing to learn and adapt. As the team works through our product’s challenges, I find myself taking time to dig into practices and processes that are logical and ethical. The Evenness team is so collaborative, diverse, and insightful — I’ve already learned so much from the short time I’ve been here.”


Talia is a second-year student at Cornell. She is Evenness’ Software Developer, using her knowledge of programming and User Research to develop a Web 3.0 Progressive Application.

Talia says, “I joined the Evenness team in Fall 2021 during my sophomore year at Cornell University. I am an Information Science major who is passionate about helping others by bridging the gap between users and technology. As a female with zero programming experience prior to arriving at Cornell, I never thought that by nineteen, I would already be making a difference for women in tech. Over the past 3 months alone at Evenness, I have explored my interests in software development, UX research, and data analytics while developing technical products that promote inclusivity and growth for all underrepresented people. The completely-female team at Evenness provides a supportive environment where I have had continuous opportunities to learn and grow. I can't express the amount of confidence that I have gained working with such empowering women, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish together!”

Together at Evenness, Madison and Talia are using their programming and design skills to launch an innovative solution that Evenness plans to bring to the market this year. Emma focuses on the marketing and helps with preparing the product to go to the market.

“Evenness ambitiously focuses on improving the state of diversity and inclusion by bringing emerging technology into the spotlight for remote collaboration, learning, events, and building the culture of belonging. As well as, emerging talent," – says Eve Logunova-Parker. "Technology is meant to unite people, give them opportunities in life, and make the world better for all. To build that inclusive tech solution, you need people who understand the importance of not only teaching others how to use Tech but also showing an example - example of treating people with respect, treating them as equals no matter the background or identity, or age."

"Our team has been extremely lucky finding Emma, Madison and Talia who showed their curiosity to learn about AR, VR & the Metaverse; their 'get-things-done' approach; and the superior dedication to create a positive impact for people of all walks of life...people who are to follow them in their footsteps. " - adds Ramona M Parker. "We are incredibly grateful for having these 3 talented ladies on our team, and to - for introducing us to Talia, Madison, and Emma!”


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