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Delivering keynotes & presentations in the Metaverse

As most people are not yet accustomed to the full online experience in the Metaverse, Evenness trains and prepares people to utilize this environment. On January 25th, 2022, Evenness organized a workshop regarding how to deliver keynotes and presentations in Extended Reality.

This workshop encompassed practical training for understanding the virtual space, avatar movements, and preparing for future workshops (as we are working in a new dimension rather than in the physical world). To further add, to receive the most out of the immersive experience, participants learned how to utilize their avatars and share their webcams and desktop applications. This will equip them to professionally present materials to an audience in the future.

Jeroen van der Most delivers a 60 sec pitch on the topic "The Butterfly Effect"

"In this workshop, you'll do a Metaverse talk in front of a virtual crowd. It's awkward of course, but at the same time, you can feel that these virtual worlds will evolve into environments with a plethora of new, creative ways to interact with a global audience. It is essential to study and experiment with them now!" - Jeroen van der Most, globally recognized AI-Artist at, Art Trends Commentator on BNR Nieuwsradio

Evenness shares the principles of success in delivering a presentation in the Metaverse. These being, navigating how to use an avatar, becoming adjusted to the environment you are presenting in (to present comfortably and confidently), working around technical issues (i.e. microphone/webcam fails to work, wifi), knowing and growing from your own limitations, and engaging with and involving the audience through a virtual reality.

Katie Hudson and Koen Sienaert present a futuristic product known as a "Fluffly Sleeper"

"The workshop was a great way to experience the metaverse, and even step on the virtual stage and learn what it feels like to have your avatar present to an audience of other avatars,” - Koen Sienaert, Digital Experience Design Lead at DSM.

Becoming familiar with the features of the Metaverse, such as the avatar’s ability to clap and interact one-on-one with other avatars, as well as utilizing the virtual space by exploring and seeing all of the different workshop areas will allow you to gain a broader perspective on effectively using the Metaverse. Especially because the shift to technology is occurring, with more and more virtual spaces appearing, knowing how to use the Metaverse space when organizing meetups and events will set you ahead. The future is digital.

Jessika Lynch, speaker coach and director of Revolve for Impact, delivers a keynote in the Metaverse

“The opportunity to experience giving a keynote and network with others in the Metaverse gave me a taste of future collaboration and events. This will be the next stage for global thought leadership and idea-spreading and I’m thrilled to invite you to learn this future skill!” - Jessika Lynch, speaker coach and director of Revolve for Impact.


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