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Welcome to InnoCityX by Evenness, an immersive Smart City of the future! 

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Welcome to InnoCityX!

An immersive Smart City of the Future; for innovators by innovators.

A Sustainability-first Metaverse Innovation Hub for companies, innovators & creators developing breakthrough ideas to push the human race forward.

Powered by Communities, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Hashgraph, Web3 and DeFi.

The first metaverse which is truly accessible, inclusive and sustainable by design (built on the IDEAS framework - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Sustainability).


Member of:

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WBAF GBA Award Evenness

Awarded by Government Blockchain Association & World Business Angels Forum as the Runner Up in the Global Fundraising Stage competition (September, 2022)

Evenness Finalist EUTECH Chamber SDG AWARDS 2021.png


EUTECH Chamber SDG AWARDS 2021 (December, 2021)

Operating as a borderless ecosystem of creators and innovators, it offers enterprises, startups and scaleups a swift Innovation-as-a-Service opportunity to experiment, build, test, showcase, launch and scale their products and solutions with a speed of light and across the globe.  As well, to find the so much needed talent.

The diverse community of InnoCityX can benefit from being at the fore-front of innovation, gaining knowledge, advancing tech skills, finding jobs & gigs, and connecting with like-minded peers. All while getting incentivized for members' active participation, feedback and creative tech support.

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InnoCityX is for:

The creative ones.

The builders. 

The coders.

The business minds.

The Tech newbies and experts.

The DAOists.

The daring devils from every innovation lab.

The entrepreneurs & scale-up founders.

The ones who breakthrough from the status quo.

Who want to make their lives better with the power of technology 

Who re-imagine the world to be more ethical and sustainable.

Who have a dream & a curious mind.

Who bring to life the unimaginable.

The inventors.

The explorers.

The disrupters.

The passion seekers.

The futurists.

Every human of any gender, identity and ethnicity and from any location. 

Join us on our journey to make innovation swift and borderless; for the benefit of the humankind!

Value Propositon



Eve Logunova-Parker

Chief Executive Officer

Eve is the initiator of Evenness who spent the prior 15 years working in the Innovation, Growth & Emerging Tech domain. Among the future-driven technologies that she brought to the international markets were payment screens for autonomous driving cars & IBM's Watson supercomputer. Eve is a visionary with a hands-on approach who has been recognized in 2022 among TOP100 Web3 Women of the Future; in 2021, as one of the TOP10 AI leaders to follow & the powerhouse female ecosystem builders of The Netherlands' tech domain.


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Ramona Parker

President & Chief Operating Officer

Ramona is a Blockchain Council-certified Metaverse, Crypto and Blockchain expert. She is a self-made innovator who sets a great example to others willing to shift their careers and enter the Tech field. Ramona is passionate about human interaction in virtual worlds, coding, and creating exciting experiences in webXR & VR for people and businesses. She is a lifelong activist for human rights, racial equality, and inclusive work culture. At Evenness, Ramona oversees tokenomics, Metaverse development, and R&D.

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Captain Marvel.jpg

Captain Marvel

VP & Chief Product Officer

With an MBA from Columbia University, she has managed diverse global teams, and launched several digital innovation products as an executive in the investment banking and regulatory compliance industry. She is an early-stage investor in social impact startups with a mission to accelerate financial education and economic inclusion. As a dual-graduate in computer science and software engineering, Captain Marvel is also a sustainable FinTech transformation entrepreneur. At Evenness, Captain Marvel oversees Product Excellence & Inclusion.

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Evenness Founders.jpg

Advisors & Team Growth:

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

Corporate Governance


CEO at Softhread // Sr. Senator, Country Director & Secretary General at WBAF 


  • LinkedIn
Bruce Hoffman.jpg

Bruce Hoffman

Decentralized Tech Architecture


CTO at MetaDoc // AI & Blockchain at The Motley Fool

  • LinkedIn

Shannon Kehoe

Machine Learning & Data Science

(Germany / USA)

Lead Data Scientist at troy // Adviser to Georgia Tech

  • LinkedIn
Z Gaelyn-Levai Evenness.jpg

Z Gaelyn-Levai

Inclusive Learning Academy


VRARA Co-Chair // Instructional Designer & Web Accessibility Engineer

  • LinkedIn
Heena Jethwa.png

Heena Jethwa

C-level Leadership & Transformation

(The Netherlands)

Leadership & Transformation Coach // former Digital Workplace Lead at IBM Benelux

  • LinkedIn

Matej Gyárfáš

Metaverse  Design & UX/UI


Founder of BETTER

  • LinkedIn
Paula Bruno Evenness Content Media.png

Paula Bruno

Content & Media Relations



  • LinkedIn
digitis ava

Digital Identity & Avatars

(stealth mode - Estonia)

  • LinkedIn

Decentralized Storage 

(stealth mode - The UK)

  • LinkedIn
John W Gomez.jpg

John W. Gomez

Investor Relations


President // Institute for Science, Entrepreneurship and Investments & RevExpoConsulting


  • LinkedIn
Alessandra Sala.jpg

Dr. Alessandra Sala

AI & Data Science


Sr. Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science // Shutterstock

  • LinkedIn
Jessica Macias

Jessica Macias

LEAN Strategy & Growth

(Switzerland / The UK)

Program Director at CO:CUBED // Co-founder of Leadapreneur // Director at Lean In Malaysia

  • LinkedIn
Marion Mulder

Marion Mulder

Gender-free Tech & Conversational AI

(The Netherlands)

Conversational AI expert // Co-founder & Board Member at Workplace Pride

  • LinkedIn
Nima Farzaneh.png

Nima Farzaneh

Tax & International Law


Tax Attorney and Partner at Platt Cheema Richmond PLLC

  • LinkedIn

Tomas Zacek

Virtual Architect


Founder of BETTER

  • LinkedIn
Tessa Clement

Tessa Clement

Software Developer

(The Netherlands)

  • LinkedIn
hedera hash

Hedera Hashgraph

(stealth mode - Estonia)

  • LinkedIn
Project manager

Project Manager

(stealth mode - UAE)

  • LinkedIn
Elchin Bayramov.jpg

Elchin Bayramov, CPA

DeFi, Tokenization & Compliance


Director at CFGI // Board Advisor at SWAPP Protocol & HubioID

  • LinkedIn
paul vm.jpg

Paul Vijender Merugu

Cybersecurity & Cross-chain Architecture


Co-founder UpShield // ex-Halborn CISO

  • LinkedIn
Bhuva Subram.png

Bhuva Subram

Inclusive Finance & Product Management


Executive, FinTech & RegTech at Capgemini

  • LinkedIn
Tyler Penning.jpg

Tyler Penning

Strategic Partnerships


Director of Strategic Partnerships at Rocket Inc. // Co-Founder & CINO at Borderless Blockchain Alliance

  • LinkedIn

Captain Metaverse

Metaverse & GamiFi

(stealth mode - USA)

Globally known Metaverse &

3D Design expert

  • LinkedIn
Nancy Irisarri Mendez.jpg

Nancy Irisarri Méndez

Software Engineer & Data Analyst

(The Netherlands)


  • LinkedIn
Haiden V. Roberts Jr

Haiden V. Roberts Jr.

Growth Marketing

(South Africa)

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