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A Metaverse Hub For Sustainable Innovators

InnoCityX is a collaborative platform or innovation hub that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, and the development of innovative solutions. It serves as a catalyst for bringing together individuals, communities, startups, researchers, and organizations to collaborate on cutting-edge initiatives. It promotes inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability, and facilitates networking opportunities to drive forward-thinking ideas and projects.

InnoCityX provides a supportive ecosystem and resources for ideation, prototyping, testing, and scaling up innovative ideas and technologies that contribute to sustainable and smart cities. It encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange to drive forward advancements in various fields such as technology, sustainability, business growth, and social impact.

Category: Innovation-as-a-Service // Tech Upskilling // Digital Twins

Launch date: Q4 2023

InnoCityX 3D design
InnoCityX Fashion Crowd testing center

Performance-driven Functionality

SAIGE, InnoCityX's AI Assistant

SAIGE // AI Assistant

Personalized learning plan mapping, guidance, performance tracking, and suggestions for relevant experiences.

3D Fashion exhibition in InnoCityX

Crowd Testing // Real-time Data Analytics

Product and solution testing by local and global communities with comprehensive data reporting.

Digital Twins modeling in InnoCityX

Digital Twins // No-code Development

AI-powered 3D design and development of digital twins for accurate simulations of assets or environments.


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Unleashing the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone.

AI Assistants & Non-performing Characters

Digital Twins

AI Recommender Systems

Real-time Data Analytics

Personalized Dashboards

GDPR-proof Data Collection & Analytics

Web3 Strategy & Web Development

Extended Reality

Metaverse & Immersive Experiences


3D Assets & Fashion

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Generative AI

Deep Learning & Machine Learning

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