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Evenness launches its de:centralized series '22

Join us for our de:centralized series of events to learn about frontier technologies, the metaverse & NFTs hype, virtual fashion, the Crypto Economy & DeFi, Blockchain, Inclusion and Accessibility by product design, and much more.


April 21 - International Creativity and Innovation Day // Creating the Metaverse

April 26 - World IP Day // Principles of a Fair and Trustworthy Economy

May 5 - World Password Day // Secure Digital Assets & Content Management

May 19 - Global Accessibility Awareness Day // Inclusive and Accessible Design

June 2 - DeFi & Tokenomics // The Crypto Economy & Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

June 16 - Frontier Technology for Good // Immersive Technology, Data & AI for Sustainable Development Goals

June 23 - Entrepreneurship Day // Innovative Path to Success

July 1 - World UFO Day // Rocket with the Fletchers: Mission to Mars

July 12 - Digital Fashion Day // Why is virtual fashion a thing now?

and other events.


We have invited globally renowned, inspiring speakers who will be announced via our Social Media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube).

Guest speakers - Launch event - April 21 "Creating the Metaverse":

[Speakers] the de:centralized series '22, April 21

Keynote: Raulvin Coke, CEO & Co-founder of Future Wise Group, Executive Producer of “Metaverse-ology”

Panel Discussion Host & Speaker: Shea Richburg, Co-founder of Future Wise, Executive Producer & Co-host of “Metaverse-ology”

Panel speakers:


The events are hosted in Spatial, a metaverse space accessible via a browser, smartphone, or in VR so you can experience what metaverse is really about. If you can't attend in the virtual environment, you can also follow us on social media as we will be broadcasting via LinkedIn and YouTube.


All of the events start at 11am EST/ 8am PST/ 5pm CET (We open the virtual doors 30 min before the event). Official part: 1hr 20 min. Networking: 40 min. Total duration of the event: 2 hours.

This series of events are organized in partnership with Women in AI and together, we welcome everyone to join us.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!


You can register for individual events or all of the de:centralized series' episodes here:


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