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Shutterstock & Women in AI "Break The Bias"

On March 31st, 2022, as part of Women's History Month, Women in AI organized a virtual event in partnership with Shutterstock - "Break the Bias". The event provided the attendees with an interactive experience in the Metaverse, in the virtual gallery of Women in AI that was built by Evenness.

Women in AI virtual gallery powered by Evenness in Spatial

Shutterstock has partnered with Women in AI (WAI) to better feature women and girls working in computer science, data, and AI. They have launched a contest for the photographers that offers money prizes and visibility in the Shutterstock's photo stock.

The keynote address was made by Meeckel Beecher, Global Head Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Shutterstock.

Among the panelists speaking at the "Break the Bias" event were:

Jeroen van der Most - Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most has created art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence for over 10 years.

Simone Bartlett - Board of Directors Black in AI, a non-profit founded to increase the presence and inclusion of Black people in the field of AI. She is also the CEO of Hugo.

Margarita Pitsiani - AI Scientist at Shutterstock. Margarita focuses on developing machine learning models for contextual image recommendation.

Moderator: Alessandra Sala, Director AI at Shutterstock and Global President Women in AI.


Interested to organize your events or learning initiatives in the Metaverse? Let us know and we will make your dream a (extended) reality.


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