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Global Digital Pride Amsterdam and Atlanta: A Virtual Celebration of Love, Unity & Respect!

Fostering inclusivity, diversity, and unity is crucial in today's world. To enhance human connections through respect, open-mindedness, and creativity, we've collaborated with Choice LGBTQIA+ for two extraordinary Pride events in the metaverse: Global Digital Pride Amsterdam & Atlanta. Created by skilled and dedicated LGBTQIA+ volunteers and allies, these spaces radiate color, vibrancy, energy, and, above all, love and respect. 👏🏽👏👏🏼Please give a loud round of applause to the creators:

"Celebrating Pride in a metaverse offers us a vibrant new way to unite, liberate and illuminate our shared journey toward love, acceptance and equality."- Alexander Aleksashev-Arno, founder of Choice LGBTQIA+




On October 13th-14th, Atlanta celebrated its Pride physically, with Global Digital Pride Atlanta serving as a virtual kick-off to the physical event, organized on October 12th, 2023. With the unwavering support of our partners, including CHOICE LGBTQIA+, INMO, SVTV Network, and OUT Georgia Business Alliance, we embarked on this journey with renewed enthusiasm.

Interactive Virtual Experience, Accessible From Any Device

Global Digital Pride Atlanta was a heartwarming and impactful event that surpassed expectations. Following the success of Global Digital Pride Amsterdam (read below), we aimed to elevate the experience even further. The virtual space offered interactive activities, including:

  • rollerblading,

  • collectible 3D assets & NFTs,

  • riding a colorful Ferris Wheel,

  • uprising lanterns,

  • vogue dancing,

  • joining Dykes on Bikes for a photo on a bike,

  • a gallery exhibition of the Atlanta's LGBTQIA+ history, celebrating progress and inspiring future advocacy.

Ferris Wheel in the background
An avatar with wings standing in front of a photo frame with a collectible NFT on promotion
Collectible NFTs: Make a donation

Inspiring Speakers & Community Members

The event featured inspiring speakers:

🌈Chris Lugo, Executive Director // OUT Georgia Business Alliance
🌈Mindy Dawn Friedman, Visual Activist, Model, Sr Producer Innovation X Inclusion // Halo Media LLC
🌈Heather Gibbons, Co-founder & Managing Director // INMO
🌈Grant Henry, Bar Owner & Resident Artist // Sister Louisa's CHURCH in Atlanta & Athens
🌈Eve Logunova-Parker, Founder & CEO // Evenness

Sheri Johnson, the Host of the event, opened up the stage
The actively engaged audience listening to Chris Lugo, Executive Director of OUT Georgia

A Moment of Silence

A Moment of Silence, led by Heather Gibbons, Co-founder & Managing Director of INMO (based in Georgia, USA), and Alexander Aleksashev-Arno, Founder of Choice LGBTQIA+ (based in Israel), paid respects to those facing hardships such as hate, war conflicts, violence, and various forms of injustice. Recent events in places like Israel and Ukraine remind us of the importance of recognizing our shared humanity, regardless of our backgrounds, identities, or ethnicities.

A Moment of Silence for all who endured difficult times

After paying tribute to the LGBTQIA+ victims, participants were inspired by the words of Mindy Dawn Friedman, Visual Activist, Model, Senior Producer of Innovation and Inclusion at Halo Media LLC, and Grant Henry, Bar Owner & Resident Artist at Sister Louisa's CHURCH in Atlanta & Athens.

 Mindy Dawn Friedman, the speaker, in front of the audience
Mindy Dawn Friedman speaks about The Power of Courage
Participants watching the video message from Grant Henry
Grant Henry's video message to the participants

Dancing & Networking

And then we hit that virtual dance floor ;)

“Pride is crucial to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, such that the members can be themselves and be an inspiration for all, queer and straight,” - Michiel Kolman, Co-Chair Workplace Pride, Chair Inclusive Publishing IPA

Gamification & Collectible NFTs

Our partnership with Near and Jian Costa from ViaNFT added excitement through a unique NFT treasure hunt, showcasing the power of unity in the digital age. These NFTs serve as tangible reminders of the community spirit at Global Digital Pride Atlanta. For details on creating a digital wallet and exploring the NFT world, refer to the image below. Join the journey to connect with meaningful digital artifacts commemorating this remarkable event - click here to enter the space.

How to create your digital wallet to collect the NFT's from Evenness collection

Work & Fun Behind the Curtains: Thank you, the Team of Creators!

Team of Creators of Global Digital Pride - Atlanta




On August 10th, we hosted Global Digital Pride Amsterdam in partnership with Choice LGBTQIA+, transforming the metaverse into a celebration of diversity and love. Created by LGBTQIA+ community members and allies, this immersive experience set the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

In our virtual space, the audience was in for an unforgettable experience. It was a world where the boundaries of reality blurred, and the spirit of Pride was felt in every pixel. Here, we offered gamified adventures that turned into incredible fun for all. You can experience the immersive space by clicking here.

Gamification & Interactive Experiences

  • Quests became thrilling journeys, taking participants on an exploration of self-discovery, camaraderie, and celebration.

  • Swimming was a symbol of the freedom to be oneself and to move forward with pride, once united.

  • Perhaps, one of the most sensational experiences was voguing, a dance that ignited the virtual dance floor with energy and charisma.

Thanks to DJ Raphaella Brown, everyone gave it their all, showing off their incredible dancing moves, take a look:

Amsterdam LGBTQIA+ History Exhibition

Virtual Amsterdam also provided a glimpse into LGBTQIA+ history in the Netherlands, showcasing the community's resilience. By highlighting their history and values, we ensure that the struggles, achievements, and diverse experiences of the LGBTQ+ community are acknowledged and respected. This visibility not only fosters inclusivity but also inspires and empowers individuals to embrace their identities and contribute to a more accepting and equitable society, both within the metaverse and beyond.

Key Amsterdam LGBTQIA+ History Moments presented in photos in a virtual gallery
Virtual Gallery: Amsterdam LGBTQIA+ History Exhibition

"As an inclusive fashion marketplace, we are witnessing the rise of gender-inclusive brands being active in both physical retail and virtual spaces, which is a positive evolution. This trend, driven by younger generations , is scaling and confirming a shift in behavior and acceptance in society at large." - Ash Anandani, CEO of DearMx

Inspiring Speakers & Community Sharing

The event's speakers shared inspiring personal journeys, highlighting progress and urging continued action.

🦄 Michiel Kolman, Co-chair of Workplace Pride, Chair of Inclusive Publishing

🦄 Marion Mulder, Digital Strategist & Founder of MuldiMedia, Chair of the Gaykrant Foundation
🦄 Mickey van Helden, Global/EMEA Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Manager at Baker McKenzie
🦄 Ash Anandani, CEO of DearMx, an inclusive fashion brand
🦄 Vincent Mans, Artist & Owner of De.Studio Amsterdam

Audience listening to the inspiring stories

"Advocating for inclusive technology, I see parallels between the LGBTQIA+ community and data. In both, there are binary and non-binary aspects, emphasizing the need for gender-free, transparent, and inclusive virtual solutions. I believe ethically developed Web3, AI, and the Metaverse can create a more diverse and equitable digital landscape by fostering belonging and representation." - Marion Mulder, Founder of MuldiMedia

Work & Fun Behind the Curtains: Thank you, the Team of Creators!


Both events were truly incredible, moments where joy, love, and acceptance thrived in the virtual world. Excitement and happiness emanated from every corner of our digital space, creating a celebration that crossed borders and connected hearts and souls.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made these events possible - the creators who brought the magic to life, the speakers who shared their stories, the partners who joined hands in unity, and, of course, each and every person who became a part of this journey. It's because of all of you that we were able to create a safe, joyous, and inclusive environment where diversity was celebrated, and love shone brightly.

Together, we've proven that even in the digital realm, we can make the world a better and more inclusive place. Thank you for being a part of these remarkable celebrations, and here's to many more moments of love, unity, and happiness to come.


Are you interested in transitioning into Web3 and approaching it with a focus on accessibility, inclusion, sustainability, and efficiency? Let's book a call to discuss your needs. We are here to make your vision a reality—an extended reality


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