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InnoHUB - the first virtual accelerated learning program for diverse innovators

InnoHUB is the first virtual accelerated learning program that focuses on women and underrepresented communities to become AI and data experts, specifically on Ethical Innovation, Agile Thinking and Emerging Technologies. This program is organized annually in a web-based Extended Reality (XR) environment to create a more innovative and inclusive experience, where people can join from any remote location. The program highlights many benefits to help participants gain a competitive edge in the job market: learning the required skills in Ethical Innovation, Data, and Artificial Intelligence, working firsthand with AI experts and inspiring role models, and preparing to innovate. Designed for women and nonconforming individuals of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, the InnoHUB program gives participants the opportunity to be ready for the Future of Work.

InnoHUB was initiated by Eve Logunova-Parker, founder of Evenness and a former Women in AI Ambassador in the Netherlands. The program was created and executed by Evenness in partnership with Women in AI and 8 other community organizations - Women inTech, FruitPunch AI, High Tech Tea, ASIF Ventures, Code to Change, The Next Women, Future Females, TechLab Amsterdam, and WEnnovate:

  • Women in AI: bridge the gender gap and forster inclusive AI in the industry

  • High Tech Tea: connect and inspire women in tech with events on building female leadership skills

  • Women in Tech: close the gender gap and help women embrace technology through mentorship programs and events

  • The Code to Change– Program Your Future: contribute to the economic empowerment of women by teaching women essential tech skills with meetups and academies

  • The Next Women: foster a growth network for female entrepreneurs through networking, coursework, and funding opportunities

  • Future Females: inspire and support female entrepreneurs through an accelerated business school program, empowerment initiatives, and chapter events

  • FruitPunch AI: apply Artificial Intelligence to real-world challenges while connecting with a community and developing soft and technical skills

  • TechLabs: shape people’s digital skills by taking courses focused on coding and specific digital tracks

  • WEnnovate: bring together women and technology by providing a space to share ideas, opportunities, and advice

  • ASIF Ventures: bridge the gap between student entrepreneurs and venture capital funding by supporting young entrepreneurs with funding

Bridging the gender gap and the lack of digital skills and talent in the ecosystem is not easy, which is why Evenness strives to create a platform for all of the ecosystem players– community organizations, businesses, and Academia– a solution with inclusion, equal access to quality education, diversity, and digital skills. The first step is to provide women with the right Data and AI related practical knowledge, which is where InnoHUB gets its focus from. New female role models in business and entrepreneurs continue to rise across the world, and this is due to them gaining competitiveness in the job market and innovation. InnoHUB is therefore designed to, likewise, help you become successful in your corporate career or as a startup founder in the AI, Data & Emerging Tech domains.

Workshops about Building Impact Solutions, How to Get Funded, and Mastering Your Virtual Pitch are presented to shape people’s skills prior to taking on entrepreneurship initiatives. In the past, 180 people have registered for the first InnoHUB program to not only partake in these workshops, but also to listen to guest speakers such as:

  • Florian Krueger, European Regional Chair for the International Society of Chief Data Officers at MIT Sloan School of Management,

  • Neda Sepasian, PhD, Technology Innovation Manager at Fugro, and

  • Elin Fälted, Capital Team at TechleapNL, along with

  • Raisa Ghazi, Marion Mulder, and Marcel van der Kuil, the Founders of High Tech Tea, MuldiMedia, and TechLabs, respectively.

To learn more about all of the future programs related to InnoHUB, they will be communicated through Evenness. Follow us on Social Media to stay updated within the Metaverse - LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - or visit our website.


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