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Unveiling the Metaverse: Sheila Phicil's Insightful Talk

The building of the metaverse is an ever-evolving journey, marked by the continuous creation and expansion of innovative technologies like virtual reality and generative AI. However, the metaverse concept remains distant for a majority of people around the world who are unsure about where and how to begin their exploration.

Recognizing this gap, the Academy of Management took the initiative to offer individuals the chance to learn from a true expert—one who could provide valuable insights and guidance into the metaverse's intricate landscape.

For this captivating talk, Sheila Phicil, Evenness' Web3 Strategy & Investor Relations expert, sparked the curiosity of over 40 attendees as she delved into the fascinating world of the metaverse. An atmosphere of excitement and anticipation filled the room, as Sheila's words resonated with those eager to explore the future of work, connectivity, and innovation.

Sheila speaking about metaverse to a crowd of people.

Sheila's introduction was personal and relatable, as she shared her own journey into the web3 world, which began with cryptocurrency investments and the acquisition of VR goggles in 2021. Initially purchased for fitness purposes, these goggles eventually unveiled a world of new platforms and possibilities, igniting her passion for the metaverse's boundless potential.

As the room buzzed with anticipation, Sheila introduced the metaverse as "the next step of the internet." In her adept description, the metaverse transcends traditional online experiences, offering an immersive and interconnected realm that has the power to revolutionize the way we interact and connect with technology and each other. With this powerful foundation laid, Sheila led the audience on an illuminating journey through a timeline of significant technological milestones that shaped the metaverse's evolution.

From the coinage of the term "Metaverse" to the emergence of virtual worlds, such as Second Life, and Minecraft, and breakthroughs in VR technology, release of Oculus Quest, Travis Scott perfoming in the metaverse to milions of people, the timeline illuminated the metaverse's remarkable progression.

Examples of advancment in the web3 world, the Oculus VR googles and the game Second Life.

Throughout her talk, Sheila engaged the audience with thought-provoking questions, leading to captivating insights. One pivotal moment came when she challenged attendees to identify the common thread linking various metaverse-related events. While gaming platforms were a popular response, Sheila highlighted the even more important factor: community. As she emphasized, the metaverse's evolution is driven by the strength of its communities, mirroring the essential role of human connections in any technological advancement.

"Communities of people are really the ones who are innovating the metaverse and the products. Gaming is just one way that communities form, if people wanna be aware of what is happening next and how the metaverse may be use, they really have to tap into know those communities." - Sheila Phicil.

Transitioning seamlessly, Sheila addressed the challenges and complexities inherent in the metaverse journey. These obstacles included issues of accessibility, information accuracy, lack of regulation, misconceptions, and affordability. Sheila's candid acknowledgment of these challenges underlined the importance of addressing them to ensure a truly inclusive and responsible metaverse.

Sheila's insights extended beyond theory, as she shared concrete examples of how Evenness embraces the metaverse's potential. She underscored Evenness' role as a trailblazer in metaverse building and web3 solutions. Evenness stands out as an ethical innovator, crafting solutions for remote collaboration, interactive events, and product testing in the metaverse. Sheila's insights showcased Evenness' commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability, reflecting a philosophy grounded in ensuring equitable access to technology and tools for learning and growth.

Sheila demonstrating Evenness' business as a use case in the Metaverse

She highlighted Evenness' choice to hold most team meetings in virtual worlds like Spatial, fostering an atmosphere akin to interacting with digital colleagues. Additionally, Sheila shed light on Evenness' integration of virtual assistants powered by AI, such as SAIGE. These assistants provide guided navigation through the complexities of the metaverse, enabling smoother journeys for individuals venturing into this exciting landscape.

Evenness' team meeting at Spatial, and virtual assistant SAIGE.

Addressing an audience query about integrating web3 tools into established businesses, Sheila introduced the Evenness' Circle of Trust project—an endeavor that empowers executives to leverage web3 technologies to shape the future. By utilizing AI and connecting with vetted advisors, the project exemplified the possibilities for established companies to embrace the metaverse's potential

Sheila's impactful talk reached its zenith with a hands-on experience, as she introduced augmented reality to the audience. This captivating demonstration offered a glimpse into the metaverse's power to enhance our reality and deepen our engagement with technology. You can try it too, poiting your cellphone's camera into the QRcode:

The Academy of Management's initiative to bring Sheila Phicil to the talk proved invaluable, providing attendees with invaluable insights into the metaverse's transformative potential. Sheila's expertise, passion, and commitment continue to inspire a growing community eager to navigate the metaverse's uncharted waters.

As the metaverse continues to evolve, Sheila and Evenness stand as beacons of innovation, guiding individuals and businesses toward a future brimming with possibilities. Through Sheila's words and expertise, the path to the metaverse becomes clearer, promising a future of connectivity, collaboration, and boundless exploration.

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