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We support multi-scale businesses by enhancing their web accessibility and digital inclusion

Revolutionizing digital accessibility for all




Welcome to Evenness!

At Evenness, we're revolutionizing digital accessibility with the power of AI, Blockchain, and Dynamic Data. We assist organizations in creating online experiences and web interfaces that cater to diverse physical and cognitive health profiles. 

Our Mission:

To unleash inclusive and sustainable innovation for everyone by transforming the way people work, learn, create, and connect.

Our Nexus:

We believe technology should benefit all generations, from Alpha and Gen Z to Gen X and Baby Boomers. Therefore, we are developing equitable technology to simplify web accessibility compliance and design for both traditional and emerging platforms, including AR/VR and gaming apps.

We are currently conducting an investment round. Interested to learn more about our super powers?

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Great job. This work has raised the conversations around emerging technology to high levels!

Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie

VR Pioneer // Founder & Chief Scientist at All These Worlds

3D Fashion item in a 3D shop, in a metaverse space

01.  Sustainability

An digital twin of a human Accessibility epxert speaking in a metaverse spaceabout InnoCityX by Evenness

03.  Accessibility

An event by Evenness hosted in a metaverse space with people participating as  avatars

02.  Inclusion

Are you ready to future-proof your skills with Generative AI and Frontier Technology? Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a budding developer, or a visionary business mind, this is your chance to gain understanding and hands-on experience in the frontier tech and emerging tech domains. Watch the episodes of our 2023 immersive bootcamp, InnoHUB: GenAI+, to get valuable and practical insights! 



Generative AI & Frontier Tech 

AI Assistant SAIGE in a metaverse space giving a tailored recommendation by matching learner's interest in plants with Agritech

We are on a mission to unleash the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone. We are building an immersive hub for Open Innovation-as-a-Service, Product testing & Knowledge Management for tech communities, businesses, and individuals. Where they learn, innovate, design and crowd test solutions collaboratively, in a sustainable & ethical manner.


Ai // Web3 // Immersive Environment

Visit our new 3D space, which was sustainably built as ESG-first. We measured every 3D asset and experimented with generative AI. There, you can also discover and learn from our interactive blog post, 'The Rise of Co-consciousness: Sustainability & Emerging Technologies.'

Earth Day, Everyday

Sustainable Tech // ESG Compliance

​You have built an incredible community and true Circle of Trust in the space of Web3 and AI, and I am proud to take part in this mission with you!

Dr. Cara Antoine

​Executive Vice President,  Chief Technology, Innovation & Portfolio Officer // Capgemini

​The first immersive space for precise knowledge sharing, designed for senior-level executives and vetted Web3 experts aiming to leverage the power of Emerging Tech to build an accessible and sustainable future.

Circle of Trust

Knowledge Management // Web3 App // Virtual Community

In a world increasingly reliant on technology, many face barriers to connectivity, learning, and collaboration. This is where Evenness comes into play. With their use of Web3 and AI, they are transforming remote interaction and learning, making these vital tools accessible to all. I am pleased to be part of such a responsible and forward-thinking team and community at Evenness.

Elchin Bayramov, CPA

Director at CFGI // Financial Advisor at Evenness

Our Team

We are a diverse team of innovation-driven professionals who share a passion for inclusive, sustainable, and accessible technology. Our areas of expertise encompass AI, Blockchain, VR/AR, and business growth. Our primary goal is to create seamless user experiences that inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to reach new heights and exceed their perceived limits.

Chief Executive Officer / Founder



President / Chief Information Security Officer / Co-Founder

Ramona M. 


Fractional Chief Product & Sustainability Officer / Co-Founder





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innovators and creators from our community partners, such as Women in AI, Women in Tech, Furt'HER, and AI Planet.



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2020-2022 Research phase & community growth // 2023 Building MVP



Originally from the Netherlands, we have expanded our presence to the USA, operating globally.



Organized on-demand from clients and/or in partnership with various organizations

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