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Unleashing the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone

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The Works

We create and build inclusive, sustainable and accessible virtual environments and Web3 apps. Click on the arrow to see some of our selected use cases.

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We are now working on a collaborative, immersive hub for sustainable innovation built for individuals, communities and businesses coming together to co-create, experiment, inspire and test. Exciting opportunity for investors, businesses and communities! Reach out to discuss it further.

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Earth Day, Everyday

Click the arrow below to visit our new 3D space, which was sustainably built as ESG-first. We measured every 3D asset and experimented with generative AI. There, you can also discover and learn from our interactive blog post, 'The Rise of Co-consciousness: Sustainability & Emerging Technologies.'

At our core, we are ethical innovators committed to building solutions for remote collaboration, learning, and co-creation. Our philosophy is built on three essential pillars: inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability. 


We believe that everyone should have access to technology and high-quality tools for learning and upskilling. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, developing solutions that make the world a better, more connected, inclusive, and sustainable place.


Are you interested in turning your ideas into extended reality and empowering your business with the capabilities of AI, Web3, and the Metaverse?

We are ethical innovators

Real-time Data Analytics for Sustainable Fashion

01.  Sustainability

Accessible and Inclusive Design

03.  Accessibility

Events in Metaverse

02.  Inclusion

Fabulous. Great opportunity to experience some of the technologies that will help us to achieve more.

Dagmar Mekking

CEO // Shell Alumni Network

You have built an incredible community and true Circle of Trust in the space of Web3 and AI, and I am proud to take part in this mission with you!

Dr. Cara Antoine

Executive Vice President,  Chief Technology, Innovation & Portfolio Officer // Capgemini

Congratulations on the launch. I’m grateful to have been a part of a moment in time that will forever be remembered as a defining time for Women in AI and Evenness 👏👏👏❤️✨

Zamokuhle Aja-Okorie

Managing Director // OAO Investments





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innovators and creators from our community partners, such as Women in AI, Women in Tech, Furt'HER, and AI Planet.



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2020-2022 Research phase & community growth // 2023 Building MVP



Originally from the Netherlands, now we are also established in USA operating globally.



Organized on-demand from clients and/or in partnership with various organizations

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Circle of Trust

The first immersive marketplace and Metaverse-based virtual community designed for senior-level executives and vetted Web3 experts who want to leverage the power of Web3 to build the future.

Circle of Trust Immersive Podcasts

Our Team

We are a diverse team of innovation-driven professionals who share a passion for inclusive, sustainable, and accessible technology. Our areas of expertise encompass AI, Web3 & Metaverse, and business growth. Our primary goal is to create seamless user experiences that inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to reach new heights and exceed their perceived limits.

CEO / Founder



President / COO / Founder

Ramona M. 





17 May 2023 • Event

"Can Generative AI Be Trusted?"

This Circle of Trust event is designed specifically for senior business executives and experts in emerging technologies such as Web3 and AI. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and actionable information on the latest developments in Generative AI and its impact on various industries.

12 April 2023 • News

Evenness joins Microsoft for Startups

Evenness  starts an exciting new chapter as we gain access to a range of valuable resources and support from Microsoft, including access to cloud services and Open AI credits. With this,  Evenness powers up the development of its innovative solutions, InnoCityX  and Web3 Circle of Trust.

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01 March 2023  • Event

The Launch of Web3 Circle of Trust // Web3 Gala