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VR Vacina: How Virtual Reality Revolutionizes Childhood Vaccinations, Bringing Joy and Comfort.

As we celebrate Disability Pride Month in July, it's important to recognize and appreciate projects and initiatives that promote inclusion, diversity, and provide support to individuals with disabilities. In the web3 world, we embrace the opportunity to share and highlight such endeavors that bring peace of mind and help people overcome their traumas.

One remarkable campaign that exemplifies the power of virtual reality in this regard is the "VR Vacina" project created by Ogilvy Brasil for the Hermes Pardini Hospital in Brasil. This campaign aims to alleviate the fear of needles among children by offering an immersive and entertaining experience through virtual reality.

A little boy already using the VR goggles to start the immersive story. "To follow up the action, the nurse follows the story on a second screen".

When a child arrives at the hospital to receive their vaccine, they are provided with virtual reality goggles. As the child watches a 360-degree video, the healthcare professional prepares the vaccine. The video presents a playful universe where a character, reminiscent of online RPG games, seeks the child's help to become a hero and save an entire kingdom. The moment the child witnesses the character applying a "special power" to their arm in the virtual world coincides with the nurse administering the vaccine in reality. Instead of crying, most children find joy in the adventure, overcoming their fear of needles and feeling a sense of accomplishment as they truly become heroes.

The process is seen both in reality and from the children's perspective.

Cláudio Lima, VP of National Creation at Ogilvy Brasil at the time, emphasized the practical use of technology in this campaign, stating, "What is most interesting about this idea is that we managed to give virtual reality technology a practical utility that solves a problem and creates a business opportunity for the client, the first to offer this type of service. And best of all, children don't cry, which is every parent's dream."

Melissa Palmieri, Vaccine Coordinator at Hermes Pardini at the time, acknowledges the added comfort and well-being the technology brings to young consumers, which aligns with the brand's priorities. She shared her excitement, stating, "In my 15 years of professional experience with vaccines, it is the first time I've seen fear being transformed into entertainment thanks to virtual reality. Undoubtedly, this technology will bring great comfort to children, parents, and healthcare professionals. Customer well-being is a top priority for Hermes Pardini, which is why we believe in the proposition of this video."

The cheerful little character happily talks directly to the child.

The release of "VR Vacina" in 2017 marked an important milestone, demonstrating how innovative solutions can be utilized to improve medical experiences and address common fears and traumas associated with procedures. The campaign's success served as an inspiration and paved the way for further advancements in leveraging virtual reality and other technologies to enhance patient care and well-being. You can watch the entire campaign below:

By leveraging the power of virtual reality, the "VR Vacina" campaign not only helps children overcome their fear of needles but also showcases how technology can be harnessed to provide practical solutions, create business opportunities, and prioritize the well-being of customers. This initiative serves as a shining example of how the web3 world embraces projects that contribute to inclusivity, diversity, and the overall betterment of society.

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