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Building The Future of Trust in Web3

The first immersive marketplace and Metaverse-based virtual community designed for senior-level executives and vetted Web3 experts who want to leverage the power of Web3 to build the future.

By utilizing AI, we aim at empowering business leaders, women and non-binary individuals, with precise knowledge for decisive action and seamless access to a vetted network of validated advisors.

Category: Tech Upskilling // Consulting On-demand // Events // Networking

Launch Date: Q1 2023

Circle of Trust

Leverage the Web3 Power to Empower

At Circle of Trust, our foundation is built upon three pillars: People, Knowledge, and Growth.


Circle of Trust is designed to help you build a personal community of trusted professionals with shared interests in Web3 and Emerging Technologies. We connect senior executive-level women and non-binary individuals with expert advisors and aim to create a supportive community that empowers senior leaders to become influential decision-makers, and prepares their businesses to be future-ready and human-centered.


Our mission is to promote equity and inclusion in the field of Web3 and Emerging Technologies by offering comprehensive education and seamless access to industry-leading experts. Our virtual learning environment addresses critical topics such as transitioning from Web2 to Web3, exploring Human-Centered and Emerging Technologies, fostering Resilient Leadership, and promoting Diversity and Inclusion.


 In a world where many claim to be experts in Web3 or AI, having access to a vetted network of validated advisors can be a valuable asset, saving time and energy and enabling a focus on scaling the business. Additionally, Circle of Trust can provide introductions to potential clients, partners, investors, and employers resulting in stronger industry connections and a higher success rate.


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Unleashing the potential of sustainable, inclusive and accessible digital innovation for everyone.

AI Assistants & Non-performing Characters

Digital Twins

AI Recommender Systems

Real-time Data Analytics

Personalized Dashboards

GDPR-proof Data Collection & Analytics

Web3 Strategy & Web Development

Extended Reality

Metaverse & Immersive Experiences


3D Assets & Fashion

Decentralized Applications (dApps)

Generative AI

Deep Learning & Machine Learning

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