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The Meta paradox

In a bold show of ambition, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Meta at Connect 2021. This new company brand brings together various apps and technologies built or acquired by Facebook. If the word “meta” is used to centralize operations and product lines of Facebook, does it come then as just a “make-over” of their social media brand?

In this blog, we explore I) the Facebook way toward becoming a Meta-company and II) what is really meant by the Metaverse, not Facebook's Metaverse.

I. Facebook goes Meta

Facebook has been making big moves in the AR & VR space for a while now and it looks like they're ready to take things further. By acquiring many gaming & VR businesses, investing into Oculus 2 & Facebook Horizon, as well as optimizing their infrastructure and algorithms – they’ve been creating a foundation and pivoting toward the Metaverse.

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a product team within its hardware division, Facebook Reality Labs, which will be responsible for AR and VR efforts focused on the Metaverse. Facebook's products, used by over 3 billion people on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, are now referred to as "meta".

“Meta’s focus will be to bring the metaverse to life and help people connect, find communities and grow businesses,”- mentions Facebook's press-release. “Meta is moving beyond 2D screens toward immersive experiences like augmented and virtual reality to help build the next evolution in social technology.”

Meta also seems to be “the light at the end of Facebook’s tunnel” that makes their audience forget about Facebook's user data privacy issues and all endless investigations…

At this point in time, the Metaverse - that next big thing that's going to revolutionize our lives – is understood differently by many.

II. Learn about the Metaverse and what it means for you and your business

Join our Evenness virtual walk-in at 5pm CET on Wednesday, November 10, to ask your questions and learn about the Metaverse – what it means and the business trends toward bringing it to life. The walk-in is free of charge and will be hosted in the Metaverse space (no headsets are required but can be used to boost your experience in webVR).

5pm – 5:25pm – A fireside chat about the Metaverse with the co-founders of Evenness - Gaby K Slezak, Head of XR, and Eve Logunova, Managing Director

5:25pm-6:00pm – Q&A

6:00pm-6:30pm – Networking


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