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Tessa's Story: Embracing Growth in AI with Evenness

At Evenness, a dynamic and innovative technology startup focused on immersive, inclusive, and accessible AI & Web3 solutions, we firmly believe in nurturing diverse talents and shaping future leaders. Today, we want to share an inspiring story of Tessa Clement, our intern who embarked on an 8-month journey with us during her studies at CODAM College. Tessa's story serves as a beacon of inspiration for everyone envisioning a career in frontier tech.

With a passion for technology and a determination to excel, Tessa started her internship program with Evenness at the end of 2022. From the moment she stepped through our virtual, metaverse doors, her dedication and eagerness to learn were evident, setting the stage for a remarkable growth filled with learning, hands-on innovation, and personal development.

Bruce Hoffmann, CTO at Evenness, describes Tessa as a force of nature who fearlessly embraced new challenges and immersed herself in various projects:

"Tessa's mastery of React, NodeJS, and PostgreSQL impressed the team, and she quickly adapted to working with various tech stacks, including immersive technology and generative AI. Her seamless embrace of agile working methods was evident through her excellent project management abilities, as she created scope documents and sequence diagrams."

Tessa's internship had a profound impact on her career goals, helping her discover her love for the startup culture. Embracing multiple roles and responsibilities, she relished the opportunity to contribute her ideas to the product development process. Evenness provided her with a fast-track to grow in her chosen field of AI.

"Because of my internship, I found out that I really love working at a startup due to having multiple roles and responsibilities and being able to give input on the products. I also was able to grow in the field that interests me the most: AI," - shares Tessa.

One of Tessa's significant projects was SAIGE, our Avatar-shaped AI Assistant for personalized and guided learning. She played a pivotal role in creating the persona and developing a proof of concept.

Source the image here:

“I loved working on SAIGE since I not only created the persona but also was able to create a proof of concept. It was very cool to create the whole thing from A to Z and also very valuable since I learned multiple aspects of creating a chatbot like the personality design, conversational design, and the technical skills with Python, Natural Language Understanding, and various Deep Learning models.” - says Tessa Clement.

Working collaboratively with Team Evenness, Tessa not only acquired new skills but also actively contributed her findings and ideas:

“The most memorable moment for me was when Ned Shoaei, XR Designer at Evenness, and I were going back and forth on Discord about the Unity code since we wanted to connect the chatbot with the avatar. I made some adjustments to her code, but it didn’t work, etc., so I was sitting on the train trying to respond to the error messages she got. Then all of a sudden, she calls: IT IS WORKING!! A lot of screaming in the train. The other passengers were looking at me like I had 7 heads! 🙂 It was so funny and also such an amazing feeling that we finally accomplished this.”

Our Web3 Gala and Launch of Circle of Trust event, as Tessa attended.

Other remarkable highlights of Tessa's journey at Evenness were the opportunities to attend industry-focused events, such as Chatbot Europe & TNW, and broadening her network and expertise by enrolling in the Women in AI Netherlands Mentorship program, where she could learn directly from leaders, receive guidance, and expand her network.

As well, to participate in the Circle of Trust immersive podcast series, sharing her knowledge and insights on Generative AI. Watch this episode to see Tessa in action.

Tessa's internship at Evenness was undoubtedly an adventure filled with challenges, victories, and incredible growth. In the beginning, she found herself thrown into the deep pool, striving to stay afloat as the startup culture and ways of work were new to her. However, as time passed, her determination, team support, and hard work led to immense personal and professional development.

"It was quite an adventure with hardships, moments of victory, and great people. I was thrown into the deep pool trying to stay afloat, which was hard in the beginning, but my growth was immense. I’m happy to have had my first work experience at Evenness, not only because it is a great foundation for working in startups but also because of the amazing team," - says Tessa Clement.

“The world needs more talents like Tessa—exceptional, dedicated, and passionate about AI and technology. At Evenness, we are committed to supporting diverse talents across emerging technologies, creating an inclusive environment where unique perspectives thrive. Tessa's journey exemplifies our mission to nurture the next generation of pioneers who will shape the future of transformative industries,” - shares Eve Logunova-Parker, Founder & CEO of Evenness.

Thank you, Tessa, for being an invaluable part of the Evenness team over the past 8 months. We are immensely proud of your growth and achievements during your internship! As you venture into the next chapter of your career, we wish you all the best and every success as you continue to develop your passion for AI. We would definitely recommend you to any future employer that you may consider. Your future holds tremendous promise, and we have no doubt that you will continue to shine brightly in the Emerging Tech industry. Our metaverse doors are always open for you, so see you soon!

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