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Women in AI, powered by Evenness, launches their virtual WAI Hub

On November 2, 2022, Women in AI (WAI) in partnership with Qualcomm organized an inspiring event to launch its virtual collaboration hub for the Women in AI community & partners - The WAI Hub. Developed by Evenness, The WAI Hub will serve as a central space for the WAI global community's get-togethers; where people from across the globe could come as avatars to discuss, experiment, co-create and test various AI solutions.

Women in AI's decision to move to the Metaverse/Extended Reality was based on the need to bring their remote community members together and provide them with an interactive, in-person & virtual experience. After looking at the requirements and all the virtual platforms that offer remote work & collaboration capabilities, Evenness proposed Frame. Frame is a perfect environment for tech & business people that allows integration of various tools. It offers spatial audio, streaming video, voice-to-text, real-time translations, closed captions, an integrated 3D assets marketplace, built-in browser or gamified experiences, and many other useful features. It is also built with an inclusion, sustainability & usability-first approach. Therefore, it became a perfect match for Women in AI that aims to close the gender gap in the industry & make AI both inclusive and ethical.

The Launch event was moderated by Basil Ayass from Google Cloud UAE who kept the audience energized throughout the whole event.

The Opening remarks as an intro to Women in AI's mission was done by Alessandra Sala, Global President of Women in AI who explained the role of Women in AI and its focus on bringing ethical AI & inclusion to the Web3 & Metaverse domains.

Alessandra Sala's speech was followed by a keynote speech of Armina Stepan, Sr. Marketing Communications Coordinator at Qualcomm, a global strategic partner of Women in AI and the sponsor of the WAI Hub.

After Armina Stepan's speech, Basil Ayass hosted a panel discussion with the WAI Chiefs about Women in AI's initiatives and strategic priorities for 2022-2023.

Before the closing remarks & opening the virtual doors of WAI Hub, it was a keynote speech by Crystal Angel, VP of Marketing at Arria NLG that inspired Women in AI's members & guests to find their voice in AI.


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