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Evenness at DCENTRAL, Miami

On November 28-29, 2022, Evenness participated and spoke at the DCENTRAL event organized in Miami, Florida. Imagine this fun melting pot where DeFi, DAOs, Metaverse businesses, NFTs, Protocols, and developers can mix, mingle, and make friends all under one roof. In this dynamic setup, Evenness was invited to speak twice, on both days, presenting its unique Web3 & Metaverse solution - InnoCityX - and its insights on the topic of building the Metaverse in an inclusive, accessible, sustainable, and usability-first way. All powered by AI.

Scroll through the pictures to get a feeling of the intelligent fun that we have experienced at DCENTRAL this year! Also, to see some moments that we shared with our dear friends, partners, investors, and peers who we bonded and/or reunited with during the 2 days of this event:

  • H.S.H.Princess Alessandra von Bismarck, Bismarck Office

  • Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

  • Miko Matsumura, Gumi Cryptos Capital

  • Rebecca Barkin, LAMINA1

  • Stan Georgiev, Ready Player Me

  • Amber Slooten, The Fabricant

  • Jacob Loewenstein, Spatial

  • Brady Gentile, Hedera

  • Carly E Howard, JD, LLM, K&L Gates

  • Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, Softhread

  • Nova Lorraine, Raine Magazine |

  • Rob Villanueva, The Alopecians

  • Andrea Abrams, PHYGICODE and Faith Tribe

  • Fabio Severino, Traent

  • Ayesha Ali, Metavisionaries

  • Sandy Carter, Unstoppable

  • Joshua Hale, Non Fungible Counsel

  • JoAnn Holmes, Holmes@Law

  • Sallie Jian, SAP

  • Tarja Stephens, Mission Impact

  • Eric Eddy, MetaversePR

  • Chauncey St. John, Angel Protocol

  • Alessia Moccia, E-UPHORIA

  • Dionna McPhatter, Nacci

  • Ty Greenfield (The Mayor), NFT and Chill

  • Angel Pui, Diamond Handbag Club

  • Victoria Vaughan, InCryptoland

THANK YOU, Everyone, for a great time at DCENTRAL!


Interested to showcase your business/products or organize events in the Metaverse? Let's book a call to discuss your needs & InnoCityX by Evenness!



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