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WEnnovate - a 2-day event for European diverse talent in Science and Technology

WEnnovate was a two-day event organized on June 3-4, 2021 that prioritized discussing trends, learning from the leading industry experts, and sharing experiences and developments in the fields of Science and Technology. Its first conference was powered by Evenness and hosted in a web-based virtual world of Fruss AG / Metameet that reminds of the Maldives and was built by Evenness specifically for community events and social learning.

WEnnovate aims for more women to take on leadership roles. To build this growth among women in technology and science, WEnnovate focuses on innovative trends, leadership, career, and acceptance & belonging. The event's agenda offered keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, networking, masterclasses, deep-dive workshops, and various "Get Inspired" employer information sessions. These interactive sessions ​​provided a space to share ideas, opportunities and advice, which were all ways that we connect, exchange and support.

WEnnovate offered a variety of ways to interact during the event using a web-based Extended Reality platform. Attendees could create their own avatar and communicate with other participants through chat, video and voice. This way, enabled by Evenness, they were able to create the closest to in-person event experience where participants could efficiently learn and network, and businesses could attract the brightest and best European talent.

“Because women account for nearly 50% of the working population in Europe, we work to support the career of women. In an era where we are seeing more demand for diversity, inclusion and equity, some companies struggle to maintain diverse teams and attract talent. Thus, through initiatives like WEnnovate, we could increase the number of female and gender non-conforming role models in STEM,” – said Eve Logunova-Parker, CEO & Founder of Evenness. “We were proud to support WEnnovate in achieving their mission!”


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