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It's not just a woman thing, it's the future.

On September 21, 2021, EUTECH Chamber Women in Tech Commission hosted an inspiring discussion on the topic "How Women Impact VR, AR, and MR". The event was hosted by Katarina M.V. Galic, Director Women in Tech Commission at EUTECH Chamber. The strategy and work of EUTECH was presented by Dr. Beatrice Bischof, Board Member Women in Tech; María Alejandra Pulido, Environment Council Director & Latin America Chapter Director; and Benedikt Grütz, Vice President of the European Senate of Economy and Technology, Member of the EUTECH Advisory Board.

Among the established female experts and influencers in the field of Extended Reality (XR), who shared their thoughts and experiences on the topic, were:

Marloes Pomp - Steering Committee European AI Forum, International Partnerships at Netherlands AI Coalition, and Emerging Tech Futurist;

Tania Peitzker, PhD - a writer, CEO & co-owner of AI Bots as a Service, Mixed Reality consultant, management expert in innovative Emerging Technologies, and the creator of AI bot holograms for multilingual 2D & 3D bespoke avatars;

Tracy Cosgrove - the award-winning Founder and Creative Wizard of VRHTI (Passport to Success Myanmar), a VR innovator, social entrepreneur, and a philanthropist.

Julie Smithson - Co-Founder of MetaVRse who is on a mission to unlock the power of spatial computing (3D/XR) for everyone. Additionally, Julie is the XR for Learning Podcast Host, Co-President VR/AR Association (Toronto, Canada), Co-Chair VRARA Education & 5G committees, and TEDx Producer.

Our co-founder, Managing Director and the XR evangelist, Eve Logunova-Parker, open up the event with her keynote on how emerging technology is important to the modern world, and women in it. She brought the attendees up-to-date information on emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). Also, she spoke about how we can work together to build a more inclusive industry where everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

"While it’s difficult to put an exact number on it; my research showed that less than 10% of all people visible in the Media, who are actively creating content related to Extended Reality, are female at present. With some of the earliest founders of VR being male, the lesser-known history includes an extensive number of women who made significant contributions to the field. But where are they hiding?" - questioned Eve Logunova-Parker.

Sharing with you here her slides to inspire you with XR and the women-led developments in the field:


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