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'Tis the VRtuous season!

On December 15, 2021, Evenness hosted its last event of the year, “'Tis the VRtuous Season”. The event was hosted by Eve Logunova-Parker, Founder of Evenness, Gaby K Slezak, Head of XR at Evenness, along with Keynote Speaker Debbie Botha, Chief Partnerships Officer from Women in AI.

To kick off this interactive, virtual-reality event, Gaby Slezak introduced the principles for avatar navigation and functions of the Metaverse environment, such as the realism which includes spatial space and real environmental sounds. Thus meaning, the VR environment acts as a real-life simulation: the farther you are from people, the quieter the sounds are. Though you can deliver messages across the entire island to all of the participants, you can likewise meet with participants one-on-one in a private setting.

Like how there are sounds in nature, there are sounds in this virtual environment.

The event allowed participants to practice using some of the environment’s features, such as moving around, speaking to one another, and accessing presentations. Eve Logunova-Parker also introduced the idea of Teleportation to other worlds, the Megaphone, and Flying.

The event also had special guests from the Women of AI appear, along with an opportunity for all attendees to meet and network with one another. Debbie Botha, Chief Partnerships Officer at Women in AI, spoke about the mission of this community organization and why it is important to bridge the gender gap in AI & Emerging Tech. Also, she presented the Women@Work research that the organization is conducting in partnership with AI Sweden.

Evenness is thrilled for its next event in January, where we hope to see you all there to experience the Metaverse and learn how to present in a virtual environment.


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